Track & Field 2022
January 18, 2021

We are very excited to be moving forward with our 2022 season! Our roster is almost full! All athletes that have signed up are on the team, but at this time you must complete all steps of the registration to stay on the roster. If you have signed up for the team and no longer want to participate please notify us by replying to this email. This will allow us to add more athletes for the 2022 season. If you are interesting in coaching Please see details below!
Steps to complete:

1) All registration forms completed
2) New athletes must upload or bring a copy of their birth document to the parent orientation on Feb. 8th
3) Complete the payment
4) order uniform

UNIFORMS - We will be placing the final order for Uniforms this week. If you have not ordered yet please do so asap. the 2nd order of uniforms will arrive in late February. We have not changed uniforms, so if yours still fit, you do not need to order a new one. I will be ordering a few extra so that you can switch your size if needed, but because we are trying to keep our cost down , we do not want to order a lot of extra uniforms.

OLD members who are not returning - if you are no longer interested in receiving our newsletter please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email. All 2022 athletes must stay on the newsletter list as this is our main way of communication. You can add more emails to this list by clicking on the "join our email list" on our website Make sure you choose the 2022 track season list!

Covid Concerns- As you all know, things change daily with Covid concerns. We want to assure you that we will follow all L.A. County Department of Heath, and all William S. Hart rules for youth sports, We have been following safely for 2 years and have not experienced any cases or out breaks. We will have the most updated information on our website by February 8th. This is why it is very important for you to attend the Parent Orientation on February 8th.

Coaches Meeting Feb 5th 8:30am -We will be hosting a Coaches training orientation at the Santa Clarita sports Complex for all new and returning coaches. If you are interesting in helping please try to come.

It has been 2 years since we have had a full program.
Due to to not having our seasons we are in need of many new coaches! Track and Field is a very unique sport and needs many different area's of coaching events! We can train you and help guide you in any one of those area's. We need many head coaches and assistant coaches. No experience needed, just a willingness to learn and care for the athletes! Storm is a family of many different backgrounds! If you would like to coach for our great organization, please contact Coach Elaine at You can click on the "document" link on our website to send in your coaches application and complete your background check. We are an all volunteer organization and completely rely on volunteers to make us great!!

Coaches needed -
Head & Assistant Sprint Age group coaches - all ages
Long Jump
High Jump
Shot Put

Practice Facilities
Many have been asking about our practice locations this year due to the Lacrosse team at most schools bumping us from the track. We have diligently been working on securing practice days at all of the 7 local high schools and COC. We are working on Saturday's at Canyon High or Castaic High and 1 day a week at COC . I have contacted all 7 schools to try to secure days. Here is the results I have gotten so far for practice days. We do hope that most of our Saturday's will be at either Castaic or Canyon High but we are actively trying to get more practice days. For now have Tuesday practice secured at COC and 2 nights at Castaic High ( Monday and Wednesday or Thursday) We ask you attend at least 2 practices per week!
Please understand that this may change and we may not get our permit until late January! We will send dates and locations as soon as they ae confirmed! For now, here are tentative dates to start the season!

Registration- is still open
Parent Orientation- Feb 8th - 5:30 pm ( Sub and Gremlins 5 to 8 year olds, or 7:00pm. all others. - The Centre at Santa Clarita Sorts Complex
First Practice - Feb 12th - 8:00 am - 9:30 am - Castaic High School
2022 Track & Field Sign Ups
Sign ups for the 2022 Track & Field Season
Athletes compete in a variety of running and field events
according to their year of birth: 
5-6 Girls and Boys (SG/SB)
(Year Born) 2016-2017
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 4×100 Meter relay, Long Jump
7-8 Girls and Boys (GG/GB)
(Year Born) 2014-2015
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 1500 Meter, 4×100 and 4X400 Meter relay, Long Jump
9-10 Girls and Boys (BG/BB)
(Year Born) 2012-2013
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 1500 Meter, 4×100 Meter relay, 4×400 Meter relay, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put
11-12 Girls and Boys (MG/MB)
(Year Born) 2010-2011
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 1500 Meter, 3000 Meter, 4×100 Meter relay, 4×400 Meter relay, 80 Meter hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put
13-14 Girls and Boys (YG/YB)
(Year Born) 2008-2009
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 1500 Meter, 3000 Meter, 4×100 Meter relay, 4×400 Meter relay, 100 Meter hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put
15-18 Girls and Boys
(Year Born) 2004-2007
100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, 800 Meter, 1500 Meter, 3000 Meter, 4×100 Meter relay, 4×400 Meter relay, 100 Meter hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put
Please be sure to read the  Parent Handbook  it will answer most questions anyone should have. (It should be posted to our website in a couple of days).
The above paperwork files require  Adobe Acrobat Reader , Click here to download a free copy.
Elaine Bingham , Head Coach Track & Field
OPEN , Director Storm Track & Field
Alan Bingham , President, Santa Clarita Track Club
Please visit our 2022 Track and field sign up page on our website
Canyon High School All Comers Meet
Canyon High is hosting a All-Comers Meet at their school on Feb 5th . It is open to everyone. This is not a Storm event, but you can attend in your Storm uniform if you would like to sign up. Here is the flyer and info if you are interested in attending!

Track & Field is a competitive sport, all athletes must attend at least three meets on Saturday, to be on the team. There will be no practice only athletes.

We have reached the point that we just can no longer accept athletes who only want to practice on our team, that takes away our coaches time in training our athletes who do compete, so our policy is that we do not accept practice only athletes. Saturday Meets are mandatory

Please click the following button to register for the 2020 Track & Field Program. Please note that the terms and conditions to registration belong to the Valley Youth Conference. This form is an exact electronic copy of the paperwork we had last year which was on paper.
The payment option is a separate option.
Uniform purchase is also a separate option. (Every athlete must compete in a uniform, but you are not required to buy a new one every year, if your uniform from last year or cross country is still good you may use that one, if your child has out grown it, you might want to purchase a new one).
New athletes we must have a copy of the proof of age (see below).

A proof of age document must be uploaded using the form on the website for each athlete that is New to the club. If you competed in 2021 Track & Field or 2021 Cross Country for Storm we have your proof of age document still on file.

The following items are acceptable:
1. Birth Certificate.
2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
3. Military Birth Certificate.
4. Passport.
5. Foreign Birth Document or Green Card.
6. Copy of School Record with documented date of birth.
7. Court decree.
8. Valid California Identification Card
Parent Packet & City Waiver
We've updated our parent packet, you can download it by clicking here.

The Santa Clarita City waiver is no longer needed and we've removed it from our sign up packet, if you received one with your sign-up packet email, please disregard it.
Storm Merchandise Store
The Storm store is your one stop shop for everything from sweats, warm up suits and t-shirts. click the button to check it out.

Remember it will take a few weeks to get items from the store. Now is a good time to order warm ups or sweats for the colder weather. Also parents can show their team spirits and order shirts!!