Dear Storm'ers,

We hope you've been making the most of your Fall-season adventuring - enjoying the balmy temperatures, along with the return of a at least a semblance of the normal we knew before pandemic times!

It was such a pleasure seeing so many friends and familiar faces back in September, and so satisfying to finally be able to create a race experience for you again after a 2-year "pause." While we've come to terms with the fact that this isn't a full-time venture anymore, it hasn't deterred our eagerness at all in planning again for 2022.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce that Storm the Trent will be returning to the Haliburton Forest on the weekend of September 30-October 2. This time however it will be for one last time - the final edition of an event that has endured long enough to have become Eastern Canada's longest-standing adventure race.

As we didn't really get to do so this year under the circumstances, we'll take the opportunity to properly celebrate our 20-year anniversary, with a return of the social components of racing that we've all missed so dearly (a beer garden; post-race meal; awards ceremonies - all the fun stuff!) It'll actually set the stage beautifully for commemorating the many memories, laughter and friendships, born from 20 amazing years of exploring and adventuring in the Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton Highlands region.

All the details are now posted to, with registration opening on November 27th. Teams that had deferred their 2020 entries to 2022 have the opportunity to pre-register as of today, using the deferral confirmation form available on the 'Register' page. These teams will be sent a separate email reminder with further details.
What the 2022 Event Will Look Like

In order to accommodate as many racers as we can for this final edition, we will be sticking with the 3-day Race Weekend introduced this year, along with pre-assigned waves and staggered starts. As much as we do miss the excitement of a mass start with larger groups, the Haliburton Forest isn't ideally suited to accommodate our regular/pre-pandemic format. But given the wonderful relationship we've built with the team behind this great venue, and how much teams clearly enjoyed the course this past September, we felt it only made sense to return for our grand finale event.

What the Forest IS ideally suited for is some pretty fantastic racing, with spectacular terrain made all the more beautiful with a colourful Fall backdrop. The 2022 racecourse will be a new one, featuring some fun additions, adjustments, and new areas to explore. But perhaps with a little less mud this time... :)

And in addition to bringing back the other 'regular' race features noted above, we expect to be able to allow teams more time at the Race Site for pre-race preparation and interaction. That said, we will also continue with some of the 'new' features that we experimented with this year, such as posting course maps in advance and hosting the pre-race briefing in video format. Let's be honest - listening to the RD ramble on while at the peak of pre-race anxiety isn't anything that will be missed!

All of these details will be further explained in the Racer Information Packages, which will be posted in March. We will also continue sending out newsletter updates like this one on a bi-monthly basis. While it may be the last go for Storm the Trent, we hope you'll know that we're as committed to delivering an exceptional race experience for you as we have been for any of our 50+ events over the years.