Dear Storm'ers,

We hope that you have been enjoying your summers and look forward to seeing you in the Fall for the 20th and Final Edition of STT. As race weekend is quickly approaching, we are issuing now the first of two updates that will be sent out beforehand. Please make certain to forward it along to your teammates if their email info wasn't provided at the time you registered.

Lots here to cover - let's dive right in!
Racer Information Packages Now Available

The racer information packages for each course are your A-to-Z guides to Storm the Trent - we can't stress enough how important it is that you review them. Please take a moment to have a read - you can link to each in the "after you register" section of

You can also find here the team confirmation list, which provides all the details around which course and which wave you signed up for; whether or not you booked an on-site canoe rental; and your current team roster.
Race HQ - Coming mid-September

On September 12th, the home page of the Storm website will be replaced by "Race HQ" - your central source for all Race Day info. This will include links to the racer information packages; team starting times; the course maps; the pre-race briefing video; and the essential Race Day forms. We will send out a second update in September to announce the launch of Race HQ.

At the point of registering, your team selected a start wave that included a time range of between 45 minutes to an hour. In September, each team will be assigned an actual start time within that wave. Start times will be staggered in 10-minute intervals.

We have decided to once again share the course maps in advance this year, to reduce the amount of team prep time on Race Morning. You will however, still receive printed paper copies in your team kits. Maps will be posted on September 26th.

We'll again be forgoing the regular pre-race briefings (cue huge sigh of review!) in favour of one presented in video format. That said, you will definitely want to view this video prior to leaving for the race site. We promise to keep it short and concise!

Race Day forms absolutely must be completed in advance and brought with you to the race site. You will be able to download these here.
Key Info for 2022

The following are a few of the key points (all explained further in the racer packages) that you'll want to be aware of for the Final Edition event:

  • Your assigned start time is when you MUST be at the start area and ready to begin the race. Teams that fail to make their assigned start time will be penalized the value of one checkpoint. Please make certain to mind your time!

  • We are super-excited to once again be hosting post-race meals and awards ceremonies. Truss Foodworks - the on-site restaurant at the Haliburton Forest base camp, will be serving up our post-race meals for us, and will be doing so directly from the restaurant. Don't worry - we promise that the 150m walk from the finish line will be well worth it!

  • We're even MORE excited to be hosting a beer tent once again. Regular racer and full-time brewmaster Kyle Nesbitt will be bringing up a supply of his Angry Squirrel brews for post-race enjoyment. Be certain to have some cash handy!

  • Gear checks will return for 2022, including a pre-race inspection at Check-In. Details are provided in the racer info packages.

  • There will be a new on-course feature to ensure that teams are staying together as a team on the racecourse, per the race rules. And...that is all we're sharing! (you've been warned!)

We're down to only a few remaining volunteer shifts still to be filled, but to those with friends or family planning to join you on Race Day, we would be greatly appreciative for any assistance they could offer with any of the following:

Friday 6:15-10:00am - Racer Check-In
Friday 9:45am-2:15pm - on-course checkpoint
Saturday 7:15-11:45am - on-course station
Sunday 12:00-5:00pm - finish line

Volunteers will be fed, decked out in swag, and given the appreciation and respect they so very much deserve! If you have someone who might like to fill one of the above shifts, please let us know at
Teammate Changes

Around this time is typically when we start to receive inquiries regarding teammates that have gone MIA since the point of registration. While refunds and deferrals are not offered, team rosters can always be switched up to accommodate teammates who are unable to race.

If you need to make a substitution on your team, simply contact us at and we will make the necessary changes for you.
Wave Changes

We have also been starting to field requests for changes between racecourses and waves. We unfortunately do not have the flexibility to switch teams between waves or Race Days - please ensure that you are ready to race for the wave or course that you committed to at the point of registration.

On-site canoe rentals are fully booked for all events. If you are in need of one, the racer information packages provide a complete directory of 'self-serve' options within a 3-hour radius of the race site.

As some have already determined, Algonquin Outfitters in Dwight is our canoe rental provider, but they will NOT be able to transport any more boats than what we've already arranged for. We kindly ask that you do not contact them, as they will not be able to assist with additional canoe rentals.
Group Camping

To assist those who haven't been able to secure accommodations, we have arranged for a group campsite area close to the Forest Base Camp. Spaces are limited, and they must be purchased in advance. Note that there will NOT be drive-in access to the group camping location, but it is within walking distance of both the race site and the parking areas. A map, further details, and a link to the pre-booking form are available in Section 9.1 of the racer packages.
Storm Swag

We've gone in a bit of a different direction with our Storm Swag for this final edition, opting for a custom running visor rather than our usual tech tees. Sample images are now available at - we think they look pretty sweet! Only $25 each (taxes included), and available for pre-order.

Note that we won't be able to guarantee on-site sales at Check-In, so book yours beforehand to avoid disappointment!