Dear Storm'ers,

It's been a long time coming, but Race Weekend is finally almost here! We can't wait to see you all for one last time for the 20th and final edition. It's going to be a fantastic three days of creating new and celebrating old memories and friendships, and we sincerely want nothing more than for everyone to enjoy it to the fullest.

This will be the final race update before you arrive, so please have a thorough read-through so that you're ready to go on Race Day. You'll be thankful that you did!
Cancellations/Wave Changes

We hate to have to start off on this note, but the volume of requests has become problematic. Please be aware, that neither refunds or assistance with replacing teams or team members are offered at this late stage. We kindly ask that you not contact us in this regard - all efforts are now focused on Race Weekend execution.

As all 3 days are at full capacity, we are also unable to accommodate race date or wave changes. Please ensure that you are ready to race for the wave or course that you had signed up for at the point of registration.

That said, if you are substituting a member of your team who can no longer take part, we are more than happy to help. This is not done online - you can simply contact us at to provide the new teammate details, and we will make the necessary changes for you.
Race HQ is Now Live!

The home page of has now been turned over to Race HQ - your central source for all things Race Day. It includes:

  • The pre-race briefing video. It's only 10 minutes long; full of important details; and contains helpful illustrations to give you a better understanding of what to expect when you arrive at the Race Site. Please make certain that everyone on your team gives it a watch!

  • Team start times. You already know the wave you selected when you registered, but this spreadsheet now provides your assigned start time frame, which is when you need to be at the paddle put-in and ready to start. Missed start times will result in a penalty deduction of one checkpoint from your final point score.

  • Race Information Packages. We can't stress enough how important it is to review the package for your chosen course, as it will provide answers to just about any questions you might have.

  • Race Day forms. These must be completed and brought with you to the race site - you will not be able to check in without them!

  • Course Maps. These aren't posted yet, but they will be on September 26th, so that you can have a chance to review them prior to arriving. You will still receive paper copies in your team kits as per usual.

  • Team confirmation list - in case you forgot what wave you registered for; whether or not you booked a canoe; who you're racing with... :)
Helpful Tidbits

These are all explained further in the racer information packages, but please keep in mind:

  • Your assigned start time is when you MUST be at the start area and ready to begin the race. Teams that fail to make their assigned start time will be penalized the value of one checkpoint. Please make certain to mind your time!

  • Water stations are not provided, so please be prepared to keep hydrated out there. You will be passing by numerous lakes and streams, so having a means of purifying water on the go may be worthwhile.

  • A beer garden at the finish IS provided though - make sure to bring along some cash for a post-race refreshment!

  • The post-race meal will be served direct from the on-site restaurant Truss Foodworks. As it will also be open to the public, meal tickets must be presented - these will be provided in your team kits.

  • As noted in the racer packages and in the pre-race briefing video, we are letting you know in advance that you will be paddling first, and that there is 800m between the put-in and the race site. This is a portage section - you absolutely cannot drag your boats this distance, so we recommend giving thought to how you will carry them if you don't have much experience with portaging. Portage carts or a home-made version of the concept may be used - an example from MEC if you aren't familiar with them is available here.

  • As noted in the race rules, teams may only paddle two per canoe, and only canoes may be used on the paddle section. The ONLY exception is offered to teams registered for the Family category, who may paddle 4 per boat if they wish.
Trek Course Awards

Given that the Trek course is being staged in 3 waves between the Friday and Saturday of Race Weekend, final results will be tabulated after the Saturday course is completed. Medals and prizing for the top 3 teams in each category will be distributed at the Saturday awards ceremonies.

At the Friday awards ceremonies, the day's top 3 finishing teams in each category will still be recognized, with 1st place finishers presented with provisional awards.
Group Camping and Storm Swag

Spaces for the group campsite are limited, and they must be purchased in advance. A map, further details, and a link to the pre-booking form are available in Section 9.1 of the racer packages. And, if you don't want to miss out on our final edition Storm Swag, head over to and pre-order now - we'll have it waiting for you at Check-In!