2017 Racer Update #1
Dear Storm'ers,

Bring it on Spring!  We are eagerly awaiting your ice-melting warmth and promise of good times ahead playing around in the woods.  The 16th edition of Storm the Trent is now 8 weeks away, and we are really looking forward to unveiling the new racecourse designs that we have in store for you, as well as our revamped finish line experience.   And there's just GOT to be some better weather in store for us this time!

This is the first of two updates we'll be sending to registered participants prior to Race Day.  We'll send out another the week of April 17th, with notes from the racecourse and some final important tidbits. Please make certain to forward this along to your teammates if their email information wasn't included in your team registration.  
Available now - these kits are your complete A-to-Z guide to how Storm the Trent works.  Where to be; what the day's itinerary looks like; what to bring; course notes; and everything else that you need to know about Race Day.  More often than not, 100% of any questions you might have will have answers inside these documents, so please do make certain to have a read-through!

Click here for the 'Hike' racer package (blue)

Click here for the 'Trek' racer package (red)

Click here for the 'Trek Elite' racer package (gray)
Storm Racing is very happy to once again be working with Outward Bound Canada, in the hopes of adding to the nearly $30,000 raised over the last two years between our events and the Wilderness Traverse Adventure Race. 

Outward Bound provides specialized wilderness expeditions and urban programs that enable youth at risk, Aboriginal youth, women survivors of violence and military veterans transitioning to civilian life, to push themselves beyond their limits and discover that they can do much more than they every thought possible. The results can be life-changing. Here's how one participant describes that impact:

"Through my experiences on this course I have not only been able to improve my physical ability level but I have been able to realize things; like that no challenge is to big, or that I can do anything I put my mind to, or find the person I actually am.  This course has not only given me mental and physical tools that will last me a lifetime, but it has given me the tools to change my life to how I wish."
2012 Alumnus, RBC Indigenous Youth Leadership Scholarship Recipient 
This year, why not consider using your Storm race to support Outward Bound's amazing programs? As a bonus, you'll also have a chance to qualify for some awesome fundraising  rewards, including FREE ENTRY to Storm the Trent 2018 for the top fundraising team or solo!

Click here to find out more about Outward Bound Canada and how you can fundraise through your STT racing experience.

It's true - we reward volunteer referrals with a
$25 credit
towards future events (or a post-race rebate) for volunteers over the age of 13 willing to commit to a minimum 5-hour shift.  A variety of shift timeframes are available still for both the Saturday and Sunday events. 

Volunteers are provided with a bagged lunch or ticket to the post-race BBQ, an official STT race tee, covered shelter wherever they are stationed, and are cared for throughout the day by our awesome Course Managers.  If you have someone joining you for the day and would like to see you in action out on the course, please do contact us at info@stormevents.ca 
Around this time is typically when we start to receive inquiries regarding teammates that have gone MIA since the point of registration.  Although our refund policy is clearly stated, team rosters can of course be switched up to accommodate teammates who are unable to race.  If you need to make a substitution on your team, simply contact us at info@stormevents.ca and we will make the necessary changes for you.    
Yes, it IS still possible to pre-order from our 2017 selection of Louis Garneau short-sleeved or Sugoi long-sleeved tech tees.  If you didn't order at the point of your registration, simply click on https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=14514 and so long as you enter your name and the event you are competing in, we will be able to match it to you or your team's registration record.

Event Day sales MAY be available if quantities allow, but best bet to avoid disappointment is to order in advance.   Click here to view samples, pricing and size charts. 

Looking forward to seeing you in May!

Your Storm Racing Team 

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