Storm the Trent Cancelled for 2020
Dear Stormers,

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Storm the Trent. By this point, it almost goes without saying that this decision is in everyone's best interest, given the current public health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. After many discussions with our medic team, the local Health Unit, and with others in the race organizing community, we have determined that it would be wise to make the call sooner rather than later.

As a company, this is the first time in 19 years and over 50 events that we have ever been faced with circumstances requiring cancellation of a race, but these are very unprecedented times. Sharing in your energy and enjoyment as you tackle each year's new course design is what has driven us to continue with this race for as long as we have, and we fully understand that this will be disappointing for you, as it is for us. We will do everything we can to create the best possible solution for everyone involved, but we hope for your patience and understanding, as this unique situation will be challenging for us on many fronts.

That said, the silver lining we are looking towards is that once this craziness is finally behind us all, our collective appreciation for the beauty of the forests and lakes we are so incredibly blessed with here in Ontario will just be that much greater!

We wish to thank all those on the front lines of this crisis, and ask that we all show them the respect they deserve by following the guidelines being set forth by our Public Health agencies. You can keep informed by reviewing the resources available through Heath Canada and Public Health Ontario
Where things go from here is as follows:

- Any pre-ordered Storm Swag will be shipped out as soon as it is available (likely in late May)

- With respect to fees, we are offering the following 3 options. We ask that ONE representative from each team confirm their choice by email ( please - not by text, not through Facebook or messenger apps), writing to by no later than Friday April 17th. Option 1 will be made the default choice for any teams we haven't heard from by that point.

OPTION 1) Teams may defer their entries and canoe rentals to the 2021 event. Given the sometimes-fluid nature of team-based racing (vs. traditional solo events), these will not be automatic deferrals, but offered in the form of a custom discount code which we will issue on a per-team basis. We will aim to open registration in mid-to-late September, at which point teams can re-register using their custom discount code.

OPTION 2) Teams may request a refund, which will be offered in the amount of $60 per 'Hike' racer, $70 per 'Trek' racer, and $75 per 'Trek Elite' racer. Canoe rental fees will be fully refunded. Please understand that these amounts are the most we can reasonably offer taking into account what has been invested into the event to-date. If you choose this option, please provide us (by email) with the appropriate mailing address for a cheque, or email address for etransfer.

OPTION 3) Teams may opt to take part in a "Self-Storm" adventure on a date to be announced. Working with our partners from the Haliburton Forest, we will create a series of self-guided bike/paddle/trek courses which teams can select from and complete at their leisure - much like a team training session. 

Team kits for the Self-Storm will be mailed out in advance, including course maps, instructions, and a souvenir item. We will be on-site to monitor canoes while teams complete the bike and trekking sections. On-site canoe rentals will not be available, so canoe rental fees if you have paid them will be refunded.

A date will be provided as soon as we possibly can, but will obviously be dependent on direction from Public Health Ontario. Numbers will also be limited accordingly. We will send out an update by May 15th. Teams that select this option but are unable to attend the scheduled date when it is announced will still be able to choose from options 1 or 2 above.
Feel free to contact us with any questions, at

Please be safe Everyone - we wish you all good health in the months to come, and look forward to seeing you again on the other side of all this!

Your Storm Racing Team