May 1, 2021
Neighborhood Plan - River
Stormwater and Natural Resource Projects
One of the five Topic Areas to be addressed in the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan is Parks and Natural Resources. The River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods contain a bounty of natural beauty, including access to the Willamette River and to over 227 acres of parks, recreation and open space. From Awbrey Park to Rasor Park, wildlife in River Road-Santa Clara flourishes in and around the neighborhoods. A key component to ensuring the protection of both wildlife and habitat is comprehensive and coordinated stormwater management.  
Eugene receives 47 inches of rain per year on average. In a natural environment, the rich, pervious soils in the River Road-Santa Clara neighborhoods would absorb most of this water. However, where buildings, parking lots, and roads cover the ground, water cannot infiltrate. As water washes over these impervious surfaces it becomes stormwater, picking up dirt, debris, and pollutants along the way. Stormwater includes anything that flows into the storm drain. Stormwater management helps to ensure that our waterways and aquifers are kept clean of debris and significant pollutants. The City and the County work together in the mixed jurisdictional River Road-Santa Clara area to ensure that requirements set by the federal Clean Water Act are met. City and County staff also work towards advancing best practices through pilot projects, community education and awareness, and problem solving. 
For information on current and upcoming stormwater and natural resource projects in River Road-Santa Clara check out the Stormwater and Natural Resources Handout and the Parks and Natural Resources Map.
For a complete overview of the City of Eugene Stormwater Services, watch this informational video: 
Spring 2021 Updates to Decision-Makers
Recap: Eugene and Lane County Planning Commission Meetings
The River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan project team brought updates to the Eugene Planning Commission on March 22nd and the Lane County Planning Commission on April 6th and April 20th. Both planning commissions gave general support for moving into the Adoption Phase and preparing the Neighborhood Plan adoption package.

The adoption package will include the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan document, which will represent the community’s vision through goals and policies in a formally adopted, legally binding land use plan, as well as associated comprehensive plan and refinement plan amendments, zone changes, and land use code amendments. 
The project team will continue to involve both planning commissions throughout the Adoption Phase.

Upcoming: Eugene City Council and Lane County
Board of Commissioners Meetings
The project team will meet with the Eugene City Council on May 12th and the Lane County Board of Commissioners on May 18th to seek direction to move into the Adoption Phase focusing on plan components that require City and County approval respectively.

The Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners have joint decision-making authority in this project, which include receiving updates and providing direction to the project management team throughout the planning process. Both bodies will convene public hearings, consider the Planning Commission recommendations, and act to adopt the neighborhood plan as a refinement to the local comprehensive plan by Ordinance.

For more project updates and important dates visit the RRSC Neighborhood Plan project page on Engage Eugene.
May is Bike Month!
Come on out for Bike Month! We'll be celebrating with a full lineup of physically-distanced rides, on-line talks and classes, bike-up discounts, and prizes for all ages and riding abilities. Check out for a continuously-updated list of events. Here's a taste: 

  • Shift to E-Bikes Workshop: get all your questions answered and get a discount on a new e-bike purchase
  • Paddle and Peddle the Willamette (for youth!)
  • Mobility Justice Listening Session
  • Tapas on Two Wheels: a self-guided tour of the best small bites downtown 
  • Family Ride to Golden Gardens Park
  • Weekly raffles for those who track their rides/trips on

Nationally celebrated since 1956 and in Lane County for the past eight years, May is Bike Month showcases the many benefits of biking and encourages more folks to give it a try. Don’t have a bike? PeaceHealth Rides bike share is a great option — some events will have special promo codes for free rides.

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Get Involved In Your Community Organization
Both the River Road Community Organization and Santa Clara Community Organization are active in the neighborhood planning process as well as other neighborhood issues. Check out their websites to learn more about neighborhood events and news.