Celebrating 25 Years of Making Your Project Our Priority
From the Desk of Jeff Healy ~

I have typically written about stormwater and drainage issues over the past several editions of articles. I'm venturing beyond stormwater for a "change of pace"

Past, Present, and the Future
How a small community has turned obstacles into assets.
So, how does a community of 3,000 people turn a myriad of monumental obstacles into assets.
Beginning in the Spring 2019, Banning Engineering has developed a single map and information web portal to explore the park facilities across Hendricks County. The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County helped bring all Town parks and recreation organizations together and we have constructed this website to benefit our park communities. Click the link to explore parks near you!
Entry Level Civil Engineer (EI) . This is a full-time position.
With this being the month of racing, I thought it would be fun to suggest some events that have happened and some events that are upcoming.
From Around the State
Indiana Municipal Power Agency has additional solar parks on the horizon ~ Columbia City and Richmond.

Duke Energy awards economic development grants.

Town of Plainfield assumes operation of Sodalis Park

I-74 Business Corridor grant from Duke Energy.
853 Columbia Road, Suite 101
Plainfield, IN 46168