February 2019
Video of the Month
Video: A bill aimed at managing New Jersey’s stormwater runoff and the flooding and pollution that comes with it is being dubbed a “rain tax” by some, but this nickname is misleading. Why is a stormwater management bill being called a ‘rain tax’? ( NJTV News )
Stormwater Fees (not Taxes!) on Governor's Desk
The state legislature recently passed a bill , which, if signed by Gov. Murphy, will enable local governments to create stormwater utilities to help manage storm-related pollution and flooding. Authorizing stormwater utilities is a key goal of JWW. Why is this not a tax? A fee is charged for a service that you use or from which you benefit. The amount of a fee is proportional to the use and cost of maintaining a specific service, such as that provided by public stormwater systems.

Get ready for stormwater utilities ( New Jersey Law Journal )
Water Infrastructure in Redevelopment Conversations

Don’t miss New Jersey Future’s Redevelopment Forum which includes several panel sessions related to water infrastructure:

Jersey Water Works Updates
We’re Hiring!

New Jersey Future is seeking a program manager for JWW to create a robust, transparent system of performance metrics designed to accelerate the improvement of water infrastructure systems.
Join Our Forum for Policy Dialogue and Action

Join the JWW policy group to share and coordinate your policy issues related to water infrastructure, which may include lobbying on legislation and regulations. JWW does not take lobbying positions itself, but backbone staff can help interested members coordinate their efforts. For more information and to join, contact Brian Caycho , (609) 393-0008 x106.
JWW Committees Featured at Upcoming Industry Events

Stay Tuned for the 2019 Work Plan

To advance the collaborative’s shared goals , our four working committees have convened and will be issuing work plans for the year to come. Any member of the collaborative may join a committee. Questions? Contact Brian Caycho , (609) 393-0008 x106.
Our Water Transforming

By aligning individual efforts and diverse perspectives to advance shared goals , JWW can realize "Smart Infrastructure. Strong Communities." Together, members will achieve healthier, more prosperous and just communities and a more sustainable environment!

Effective and Financially Sustainable Systems

Empowered Stakeholders

Successful and Beneficial Green Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Currency, a collaboration of experts in developing community-based programs that leverage public and private sector resources for green infrastructure (Stormwater Currency website)

Smart Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Plans
  • The web-based “CLASIC” tool supports stormwater infrastructure planning and decisions using lifecycle costs to compare green and gray infrastructure practices. To learn more, attend this upcoming webinar presented by Water Research Foundation.

Funding Opportunities

Deadline: March 15
Funds available: Four $10,000 grants to school districts or schools; 30 $2,000 grants to support school green teams
Supports efforts related to Sustainable Jersey in Schools actions, included those related to water infrastructure

Deadline: March 29
Funds available: $1,000 to $10,000 per grantee.
Supports projects that address a watershed or source water protection need in the local community within American Water service areas.

Deadline: April 15
Funds available: Up to $1,500 per grantee.
Suitable projects include, but are not limited to, educational stormwater management projects on preserved public open space.
Water Infrastructure in the News

New Jersey:
Opinion: Take a walk in the rain ( Press of Atlantic City )
Opinion: Take a walk in the rain, part two ( Press of Atlantic City )

Jersey Water Works   is a collaborative effort working to transform New Jersey's inadequate water infrastructure through sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways; healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth.
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