Jan. 31, 2019
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Stormwater Utility Legislation Advances
Clean Stormwater, Flood Reduction Act authorizes creation of utilities to combat storm-related flooding, polluted runoff
TRENTON, Jan. 31 --  The New Jersey Legislature today passed  A2694/S1073, which will enable local governments to create stormwater utilities to help manage storm-related pollution and flooding. This legislation now goes to Governor Murphy for his consideration.

"Handling stormwater is a complex problem. It requires a multifaceted solution," said Jane Kenny, Jersey Water Works' co-chair. "Recognizing the importance of maintaining stormwater infrastructure, and providing the funding to do so, is necessary to prevent flooding from taking an even bigger toll on New Jersey families and businesses. Stormwater utilities are one key way to accomplish this"

New Jersey's stormwater management infrastructure, is increasingly not able to handle the volume of stormwater generated by more, and more severe, storms. The resulting flooding frequently leaves New Jersey roads closed, basements filled with water, and businesses having to account for the extra costs associated with damaged products and lost productivity. This bill, if signed, will provide local governments with a new tool to address this problem.

The Jersey Water Works collaborative has long recognized the problem of managing stormwater, and created a shared goal to seek ways to ensure adequate and fair revenue for maintaining the state's water infrastructure systems. As part of this goal, Jersey Water Works seeks state authorization of stormwater utilities and stormwater fees. Stormwater utilities are designed to provide the critical funding to maintain and upgrade stormwater management infrastructure.

"This is not the only solution to mitigate the adverse impacts of flooding," said Mark Mauriello, another co-chair of Jersey Water Works. "Enabling local governments to establish stormwater utilities is just one piece of the puzzle for addressing our state's flooding problems, but it is a critical one, and one that 40 other states are already using successfully."

About Jersey Water Works
Jersey Water Works   is a collaborative effort of more than 500 diverse organizations and individuals who embrace the common purpose of transforming New Jersey's inadequate water infrastructure by investing in sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways; healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth. New Jersey Future facilitates the work of the collaborative.