This past weekend was stormy and the forecast for this week is quite wet.  Our normal spring weather is usually wet but this year early spring has been wetter than normal, complicating our work.    
Mowing: E xtremely  wet conditions have complicated our ability to mow some areas due to the saturated soil. We continue mow weather permitting and downsize equipment to reduce damage but some is still occurring. 
Windstorm Clean-up:  The wind on Saturday caused a little damage and we are assessing sites and completing clean-up as needed. A little frustrating as most sites have been cleaned up from winter and the storm made several a bit messy again.     
Winter leaf-out and leaf drop:  As plants come out of dormancy and leaf out or bloom, there is always a lot of bloom and leaf drop that needs to be cleaned up. We will be working on this on our weekly visits.
Irrigation season is closer than you think : Yes, we are working diligently on activating and servicing your irrigation system. We normally start to irrigate by the beginning of May, so that is our goal. We will likely not start by then but it is not out of the question yet as weather can turn dramatically. 
Pansy health:  Pansies continue to shine as this is the best Pansy blooming we can remember.  
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