Story Letter Issue 1: Friendship
June 2012
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Hi Readers! 


Welcome to Best Day's inaugural issue of Story Letter! Think of this letter as your very own piece of sunshine, a way for us to share the joy from our senior storytelling class and blog with you.  


Like many of you, I live away from my family and have a busy life as an architect. Six years ago, at 26, I finally, for the first time in my life, called my grandma in Seattle, just to talk. On that call, she told me the story of her birth. Even though I had physically drifted far from home, with one story, I felt closer to her than ever before. At the end of the phone call, she told me, "No one knows any of this. No one knows because no one asks."


I now talk to my grandma almost everyday and our friendship is what inspired The Best Day of My Life (So Far), and so its fitting that the first newsletter is friendship-inspired as well. 


I hope that the stories below about friendship will spark a conversation with your friends! to your circle and join us on Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends across the world. And please vote for us to win the Good Maker Prize, which will help us fund our work. 


To the beginning of a beautiful friendship,


Benita Cooper

Founder and Executive Director, The Best Day of My Life So Far

STORY 1: My Friends Next Door

By Bernice Moore

In 1940, we lived in a place where everyone was nice.  Everyone kept their door steps clean and extra clean on holidays.  It was fun to see the smiles on people's faces; the older people were nice- always giving the kids toys and things.  I loved going to the store for them and helping them plant their gardens.  I would always buy things for the people who could not go to the stores (wood or other things).  It was good to be around people who cared.  There were some sick people that needed help, and I was there to help them.  I was a good big sister for the babies of the street.

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STORY 2: Friends are More Important Than Money

By Arthur Murray 

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Whenever I can speak or say a kind word to someone it really makes my day.  There are so many different personalities in this world.   I meet so many people each and every day. I've always been a loner and used to be real shy when I was much younger, in my teens.


As I have gotten older I began to mingle with many more people.  I try to find a friend each day I live.


Money, you can lose your money and that's when you will lose or find out how much of a friend you have.  A good friend is hard to come by.  I never really had good friends that I can say or point out.


Having a friend means so much to me, when I need to go or stay in the hospital or have a favor to ask someone.


Good friends - money cannot take the place of them.


Today the senator and his helpers visited the senior center. One of the helpers said to me,  "Keep on smiling and presenting yourself the way you do and you will live a happy life."

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STORY 3: Everyone Needs A Friend

by Beatrice Newkirk


There are so many lonely people in the world.  Some people don't have no friends..


I know friends who are very sad.  I take time to talk and help them.  I had a friend who needed help very bad.  She had no where to turn.  With my help and talking to her, she got on her feet.


Some people can't get out and go to the store.  Lots of them are home bound.  Some of the people don't have no kids.  So, I do things for them.  God gave me so much time.  That's why I give my heart to them.


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  Meet a Volunteer 
  Jen Feden
  Assistant Director

Memorable birthday: For my sweet sixteen party, rather than doing a big fancy party, my twin sister and I celebrated by having friends over to our house and making everyone play lots of random games -- we played messy twister, made human sundaes, competed to see who could build the biggest balloon tower, and even learned how to Irish dance. It wasn't your traditional sweet sixteen, but it was a lot messier, and a lot more fun!


Favorite Place: My favorite place that I've ever been is Costa Rica. I spent a summer abroad there during college and loved it.


Role model: My grandmother is one of my biggest role models because she truly lives life to the fullest. She just celebrated her 96th birthday and she's still full of energy -- her birthday request was to go bar hopping! I hope that when I'm her age, I am as vibrant and happy as she is.

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