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Story TIME! Activated Charcoal
If you don't have this in your bag of health tricks then you need to up your game!

I've been into natural remedies for most of my life. From early on I've had a healthy distrust of drugs in any form. That "just say no to drugs" campaign from my childhood stuck with me and included pharmaceutical drugs too! :-D So fast forward to adulthood, I was always interested in natural remedies for most minor ailments, well beyond the "ginger ale and soda crackers" remedy, that we all know so well!

On trips I would travel with a few natural remedies in case of insect bites, food poisoning or general upset stomach from eating unfamiliar food or water. On one trip to Costa Rica, I packed citronella oil instead of Deet to keep the mosquitos away. Some other travelers at the resort were adamant that you must use the strongest commercial repellant available to "survive" the mosquitos. Well, being the knowledgeable rebel that I am, I put on my non-toxic citronella oil and called it a day. Not only did I not get bitten by the mosquitos the whole trip, some of the folks with the Deet got eaten alive!! LOLOL

Ok, so on to the activated charcoal. I was on another trip to a beach in Mexico. I was fully stocked with lots of natural remedies, just in case! While at the beach one of my friends dives into the ocean and comes up screaming and yelling! I'm thinking, is there a shark and if so, should I run away or towards them to help! He was not drowning, so I yell back, what is happening?!! He yells back, "something is biting me" and starts screaming and swim-running toward the shore. Once he gets to the shore, I see that there is a jelly fish stuck on his back! I quickly grab a stick and help knock it off, as he continues to yell hysterically. At this point... Click Here for the rest of story
I'm Excited! --DC POPUP
My brother, Grill Master Marcus, will be in town (DC) for our Vegan Comfort Food Pop Up this Sunday, May 29th, 12-4pm!

We are serving up our yummy Philly Cheeze Steaks and our Soul Food Plate!

Washington DC Area Peeps Pull UP!
Prepared Vegan Meals
Delivered to Your DOOR
Vegan, ORGANIC, Gluten-Free Friendly

Baked Eggplant Parmesan
Quinoa Fried Rice
Spring Roll Bowl
Thai Sweet Potato Soup
Date & Almond Arugula Mixed Salad

Delivery area: DC Metro area, MD & VA
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