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Three children are thrilled to have left foster care and returned home. Parents' tremendous strides made this possible.
Anxious to support the children and ease the transition, she saw that the previously homeless family really needed a washer/dryer, bedding and towels. Thanks to you, OCH was able to buy these items to make life less stressful and increase the family's chances of future success. The attorney then wrote:
" I took the opportunity to visit the children and take them shopping for the new items. You should have seen their faces! They ran through the aisles and each picked out their own unique style bed and pillow and matching towel! To them it was like they won the lottery to have something brand new and just for them, that they picked out for themselves!
One Can Help affords children and families like these the opportunities to cherish and enjoy the little things in life that we all take for granted far too often. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and of course, theirs." 
The link between poverty and justice may seem vague, but it's very real for many low income children and families.
One Can Help provides the missing resources
at-risk youth, foster children and underserved families
involved with DCF or the juvenile courts urgently need to improve difficult lives and build brighter futures.
OCH's unique mission is to provide the critical resources that address inequities and make better outcomes possible, because poverty, lack of opportunity and injustice go hand in hand.
One Can Help is a 501(c)3 providing assistance across MA.
Meaningful access to justice requires meaningful access to resources.