Stout Bowman Quarterly, Q4:2017
Health Insurance Premiums On the Rise
Premiums for the benchmark silver Obamacare plan will soar 37%, on average, for 2018, according to federal data released October 30, 2017.

But in a strange twist, policies could actually become more affordable for many people buying on the exchange. That's because the price spike means many enrollees will receive more generous premium subsidies, so they can now afford gold policies with lower deductibles.

In the annual landscape report, the Trump administration highlighted many of the negative developments that will plague Obamacare next year. In prior reports, the Obama administration focused on how the premium subsidies make Affordable Care Act policies more affordable.

Click here to continue reading about CNN's coverage of health insurance premiums in 2018.
A Closer Look at Qualified Plan Withdrawals
Paul Vollmar, financial advisor here at Stout Bowman & Associates, summarizes 5 key points to keep in mind when comparing qualified plan withdrawals between IRAs and 401(k)s.

Qualified Plans are designed to accumulate assets in anticipation of funding retirement needs, and, therefore, withdrawals from such plans are governed by fairly strict IRS rules. There are differences, though, in how withdrawals from IRA accounts are regulated versus those from 401(k) employer plans.

Click here  to visit our blog for Paul's continued coverage on the topic.

6 Things to Buy AFTER Christmas
Despite the fact that many Christmas displays are up when stores are still marking down fake fangs and pint-sized chocolate bars, the winter holidays come and go quickly. In their wake,  they leave exhausted credit cards  and some purchases that are regretted as soon as the post-Christmas/ Boxing Day sales  roll around. When shopping for so many people, it is hard not to buy some items for yourself, too. But waiting out the frenzy of Christmas sales could actually save you a lot of money.

Click here to read more about Investopedia's coverage of post-Christmas savings.

From all of us here at Stout Bowman & Associates, we thank you for the opportunity to serve as your financial advisors.

Happy Holidays! 

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Surprise! Millennials Are A Generation Of Savers
It appears that Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are going against stereotype, with more than half of them saving for retirement. This, despite the high cost of living, high credit card debt, and an average of $30,580 in student debt.

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