Clean air now fills the homes of Las Hamacas.
In response to political turmoil in Nicaragua, we asked for your help to support our partner factory, Avanza, during this uncertain time. As a result, last week all 72 homes in the community of Las Hamacas, Nicaragua were filled with clean air instead of dangerous smoke.
The past eight months have been filled with relentless challenges presented by governmental unrest, road blockades, and torrential rains. But, despite these hurdles, the Avanza factory built and distributed 72 Ecocinas last week! This accomplishment was achieved through the collaboration of StoveTeam supporters like you , the Avanza factory, and Project Hope (another NGO working in Nicaragua). Together, we were able to ensure that every family in Las Hamacas now has a safe and healthy kitchen.
Following the stove delivery, Elida, the Avanza Factory manager, shared with us that she was especially moved by her time spent in Las Hamacas because she knew how deeply these stoves would impact the community. She explained that Las Hamacas is nestled in the mountains and about four hours from Managua. Although they are not far from the capital, families live without access to electricity and regularly travel four to five kilometers for water. Their access to resources has become even more strained since the crisis began. Additionally, Elida shared that most families collect wood because of their proximity to the forest. In the case of Las Hamacas, a stove will dramatically cut down on time spent collecting wood.
In response to this stove delivery, Elida emphasized the importance of collaboration during this period of continued turbulence. She shared, “I was really impacted by this stove distribution because we all worked together – many hands all working together.” By continuing to support Fabrica Avanza and their partnerships with other local and international NGO’s, more families can receive help where it is needed most.

Your support of StoveTeam provides more opportunities for collaboration and safe kitchens for communities like Las Hamacas.
Stove Fact:
How the Ecocina reduces fuel consumption.

For the Ecocina, when it comes to fuel reduction, the real magic comes from the improved heat transfer .

The Ecocina uses an optimized gap between the removable comal (griddle) and the thin ferrocement top to evenly force the hot gasses across the cooking surface. This provides even heat transfer directly to the comal or pot, cooking food more efficiently.

Improved heat transfer helps ensure that energy generated from each piece of wood directly heats the cooking surface. With an open fire, heat is not efficiently transferred because there is no way to direct the flow of heat - negatively resulting in more fuel required to cook each meal.

In the new year, stay tuned to learn more about the science behind the Ecocina and why it such an impactful technology.
  1. Pot
  2. Pot skirt
  3. Removable comal
  4. Pot supports
  5. Insulated ferrcement body
  6. Wood supports (Portaleña)
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