* Pictured from left to right: El Salvador factory partners Gustavo and Elvira Peña, José Chalit from Trees Water People (TWP), Bruce and Joanie Parker from Christadelphian Meal a Day, Mike Hatfield from StoveTeam, Sebastian Africano from TWP, Gemarna Gifford from TWP and local school director Marlin Maricela Tobar de Menjivar.
StoveTeam hits the ground running in 2019
Thanks to your support at the end of 2018, StoveTeam has hit the ground running in the New Year! Recently, Program Manager, Mike Hatfield, returned from two weeks in the field.
While abroad, Mike had two major focuses: providing a tour to STI funder, Christadelphian Meal a Day of the Americas Foundation, and designing a new institutional stove to be sold by our factory-partners.
Mike traveled with representatives from Christadelphian Meal a Day to El Salvador and Honduras, sharing how their funds have advanced educational programs and stove distribution. In both countries, StoveTeam centers our work around educational programs in schools, educating children about the dangers of open-cooking fires and their effects on the environment. The children’s families are then offered an Ecocina cookstove at a reduced price. The intention behind these programs is to prompt a cultural shift where more families value and understand the importance of clean indoor air and fuel-efficient cookstoves.
Christadelphian Meal a Day also accompanied Mike to homes of stove recipients. One Honduran woman noted that since receiving her fuel-efficient stove, she collects wood one day less per week. This allows her to work an extra day each week, adding valuable income for her family. Another woman shared that a load of wood previously lasted her only 27 days, but now with her Ecocina, the wood she collects lasts her 50 days. These women and their stories are just two examples of how investing in an Ecocina pays dividends in the form of wood and time savings, AND increased income. Additionally, they are wonderful examples of how the Ecocina quickly pays for itself!
In response to his time with StoveTeam, Bruce from Meal a Day commented, "Mike was a pleasure to meet with and learn from. The projects and production facilities we're very impressive. Thanks for making time for our visit."
After parting ways with foundation representatives, Mike met with factory-partners from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to develop and begin testing a new institutional stove design. There are plans to work with our Nicaragua factory partner to introduce an institutional stove to their production line as well. These large quantity stoves are intended for schools, hospitals, and orphanages, and will assist populations currently not served by household stoves.
Because of your support, the StoveTeam staff is excited to start 2019 with projects in motion, ideas for continued improvement, and determination to benefit more families in the months ahead.   
Stove Fact:
Designing an institutional stove
Recently, StoveTeam staff and partners gathered in Copan Ruinas, Honduras to develop a prototype of an institutional stove. This stove mirrors the Rocket Stove design as well as important principles for clean combustion and optimized heat transfer . In this prototype, the smaller Ecocina is used as a combustion chamber core that sits within a metal barrel. There is an internal skirt that then sits on top of the Ecocina, forcing gasses around the pot and down the barrel wall to the chimney. This stove is not only efficient and safe, but also easy and inexpensive to build, allowing StoveTeam partner factories to improve marketing to schools, hospitals, and orphanages.
*Infographic created by InStove.
Upcoming events
February: Track Town Pizza Benefit (specific date and details to come).

March 20: Oakshire Inspires ! From 11am until 10pm, $1 from each beer will support StoveTeam. Stop by between 5pm and 7pm to chat with an STI staff member and enter to win a prize!

March 23 - 31: Join us in Antigua, Guatemala to help construct and distribute safe, fuel-efficient cookstoves. Only a few spots left! Learn more.

June 21: A night at the ball park! Join us again this summer at a Eugene Emeralds' game. 50% of ticket sales bought through StoveTeam will go to supporting our mission.

Oct 26 - Nov 3: Last chance in 2019 to join us in Antigua, Guatemala to help construct and distribute safe, fuel-efficient cookstoves. Learn more now!
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