Stove distribution takes big step in El Salvador!

Recently, StoveTeam was awarded a Rotary Global Grant to extend work even further in El Salvador. 

This Rotary Global Grant will fund clean cookstoves (as seen above) for 554 families in rural El Salvador. In addition to stove distribution, the grant will also support StoveTeam efforts to improve awareness of the benefits of clean cookstoves and help to build connections with local health care providers. In partnership with Santa Ana Rotary Club, Cader Hospital of Santa Ana, the Salvadoran Ministry of Health, and partner factory Inversiones Falcón, the placement of each stove will include medical screenings for recipients, promote partnerships with local health care providers, and train local health care representatives in identifying and treating health problems caused by the use of open fires. 

The work doesn’t stop there, though. In efforts to propel StoveTeam’s project even further, Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund awarded an additional grant for StoveTeam’s work in El Salvador. This grant will place five large, institutional stoves in schools serving the same communities as the 554 stove recipients. Along with the institutional stoves, an educational health program will be implemented to teach students about the importance of fuel-efficient cookstoves. 

With the support of Rotary clubs from the US and El Salvador, as well as Meal-a-Day Fund, StoveTeam continues to distribute safe and fuel-efficient cookstoves while equipping locals of all ages with the knowledge to improve their own health.
Stove Facts
The importance of stove adoption
An important word in the cookstove sector is “adoption,” meaning the acceptance of the cook to use a fuel-efficient cookstove and the complete replacement of the smokey open fire. Through 10-years of field experience, StoveTeam has learned that adoption rates are much high when cookstoves are coupled with education and placed closely within communities. Education plays an important role because families may not always be aware of the short or long-term health problems associated with open fire cooking nor the benefits of clean cookstoves. Furthermore, research has found that stove adoption rates are higher when stoves are placed closely among neighboring families. As we all can relate to, when a neighbor has a new fancy gadget, we then want it too!

As StoveTeam International grows, we are dedicated to equipping our stove recipients with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that cookstoves are used to their greatest potential. 
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July 25 - Join us at The Bier Stein to support clean cookstoves! 100% of proceeds from the Planktown Footpath IPA benefit keg will go to support StoveTeam projects in Central America.

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