Making an impact one snack at a time
In Honduras, StoveTeam and factory partner, E’Copan, are currently working with children and their families to change the culture of cooking over open fire, one snack at a time. 

The participants of this project are 30 local children. Over a delicious weekly snack, they learn about the importance of cooking with safe, fuel-efficient cookstoves. Like early recycling education programs in the US, the goal is for the children to bring this knowledge home to their own families. Parents also have been given the opportunity to purchase a fuel-efficient cookstove subsidized at 85% of the cost. 

This project and many others over StoveTeam’s 10-year history have been made possible by the Milagro Foundation; started by the family of Carlos Santana to support underserved and vulnerable children around the world. The Milagro Foundation has been crucial to the growth of StoveTeam, allowing us to educate more children and families about the dangers of open fires while also improving access to clean cooking technology for those most in need .

Our work in Honduras proves that by working with both students and their families, StoveTeam can spread the word on a grassroots level and educate many more within a community. As the need to educate and promote safe and fuel-efficient cookstoves continues not only in Honduras, but globally, StoveTeam aims to make a lasting impact in communities by starting with youth and inspiring them to share what they have learned. 
Stove Facts
The side-effects of daily cooking for mothers in Central America
By Meaghan Bogart
Although Mother's Day has come and gone, I am still thinking about how amazing my mother is. When I think of my mom, I think of the countless meals she has made for me and my family. 

These delicious meals, however, have never put her own health in danger.
During my time with StoveTeam, I have learned a few shocking facts about daily life for the Central American women we serve:

In Central America, open fire cooking...
  • Is used by about 55% of families.
  • Takes an average of 4 hours of a women's day.
  • Is equal to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day.
  • Causes smoke that is responsible for 37,000 premature deaths annually, majority being women and children.
  • Causes lung cancer, pneumonia, and cardiopulmonary disease.
  • Demands women and children to spend up to 5 hours a day searching for firewood.
W orldwide, 3 billion individuals cook over open fires daily, increasing these statistics even further. This information is difficult to digest, but I ask that you take it to heart. Here is the good part, there is a simple way to honor your mother and mothers everywhere year-round :
Make a donation to StoveTeam International in your mother’s name.
A $50 donation will provide an Ecocina cookstove for a mother and her family in Central America, ensuring that she can cook those family favorite meals safely. In addition to your generous gift, a handwritten card will be sent to your mother thanking her for her support of mothers in Central America. 
Here at StoveTeam, we aim to ensure that mothers do not have to endanger their own health in order to cook for their family. Help us in our fight today! 
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