Local connections back home in Oregon.
We frequently discuss our local partnerships in Central America – our partner factories, local municipalities who help us to distribute stoves, and other in-country NGO’s who help amplify our work. For StoveTeam, local means both strong connections in the countries where we work AND strong relationships back home, here in Oregon. Two important connections that continue to boost our work at home and abroad are student groups from Oregon State University and University of Oregon. 

StoveTeam has facilitated multiple student trips ranging in focus from engineering to journalism. Through these programs, students gain priceless life experience while StoveTeam is able to connect with and educate a younger population of supporters. These millennials provide us with a stronger presence back home through social media, photography, and by sharing their unique perspectives.  *Note: All photos in this newsletter were taken by student participants. 

OSU Professor and stove expert herself, Dr. Nordica McCarty has helped facilitate two StoveTeam trips, the most recent in September 2018. Upon returning last month, she shared: 

“The ongoing relationship we have formed with the staff, partners, and beneficiaries of StoveTeam International is a vital part of the humanitarian engineering program at Oregon State... StoveTeam not only invites and facilitates our students to conduct research through their projects, but also directly provides a wealth of expertise from the practitioner’s perspective.”

These connections and countless other Oregon-based supporters are crucial in extending our impact in Central America AND supporting us here in Oregon.  
Stove Fact:
Taking a moment to consider the environment.
What do fuel-efficient cookstoves have to do with the environment? Well, actually a lot! One Ecocina stove can have a positive effect on our atmosphere and forests, benefiting not only local communities in Central America, but our greater international community.
Currently, 40% of the world’s population cooks over open fires each day, which emit nearly one billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. Additionally, open fires emit more black carbon into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Open fires also contribute to massive worldwide deforestation. Did you know that globally 36 football fields worth of forest is lost every minute due to deforestation? Of course, there are countless factors contributing to deforestation, but with more than 3 billion people on our planet cooking each day with wood, open fires play a significant role.

With these staggering facts and our climate in mind, StoveTeam’s fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly Ecocina cookstove addresses deforestation and climate change by reducing fuel consumption by 50% and by decreasing particulate matter by 86%, resulting in less black carbon emissions. Click below to learn more about why we are so passionate about using fuel-efficient cookstoves as a force for good for our earth.
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