Cookstoves and Carbon Credits
Dear friend,
Ecocina cookstoves save approximately 3 tons of carbon per year per   stove  from being emitted to the atmosphere - a fact that is both good for our changing climate and that was recognized in the voluntary carbon market under the prestigious Gold Standard certification!

In 2012, StoveTeam-sponsored factories began participating in rigorous set-up, monitoring and validation of the impacts of clean cookstoves. After many years of dedicated effort, our partner factory in Guatemala, EcoComal, has successfully made its first large sale of carbon credits. This victory has many positive implications, including the financial benefit to the factory. Most importantly, however, the sale will promote continued follow-up with stove users, ensuring proper use and function of the stoves .  

After participating in this certification process, both StoveTeam and our partner factories are even more deeply aware of the substantial contribution fuel-efficient cookstoves are making to reduce climate altering emissions. Each Ecocina cookstoves saves, on average, 3 tons of carbon per year from being emitted to the atmosphere. Having distributed roughly 67,000 cookstoves in 10 years, the result is 800,000 tons* of carbon savings !

We are thrilled to share the impact made possible with your support and look forward to even more success in the future. 
* assumes an average lifespan of 3 years/stove along with the  verified carbon reductions/stove.
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