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Tomorrow I fly back to Tanzania. I can't wait!  With your generosity, a new phase of work towards smoke-free healthier homes and a cleaner environment begins.

Thank you for your vision and commitment.


Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
The International Collaborative
Solar updates   
As you know, the Project now has solar panels, lights, and cell-phone chargers working successfully in hundreds of Maasai homes.

More than a year ago we began researching solar system updates and recently selected a well-priced new system with excellent durability and performance. One thousand of the new systems will arrive in Dar es Salaam in February, during my stay.

We've asked the Rural Energy Agency (REA) of the Tanzanian Government to join these efforts with matching funds.

Because the Maasai pay for the solar systems with installments, our contributions, along with these matching funds,  will form a constantly replenishing circulating fund. This will allow for repeat orders of thousands of systems to  serve new areas. The impact will be enormous!

 Health, stoves, and water


The health of Maasai children has improved in the last few decades, but death rates are still high with about 75 per thousand dying before the age of five. A third of those deaths comes from lung problems, and another third results from water-borne diseases.


By removing most of the smoke, our stove makes a profound difference in lessening those numbers. Although exact calculations are not possible with current data, we estimate for every twelve homes with a stove, a child's life is saved.  


Our newest research addresses the water issue. Purifying water by boiling takes a lot of fuel while increasing emissions. But now, with the new 12-volt solar electrical capacity coming to Maasai communities, we can explore water purification systems based on ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamps.  


UV water purification is quite efficient. With a well- maintained system dozens of homes and families could benefit from one centralized unit.  


I'm bringing some UV equipment with me on this trip to begin the trials, and look forward to sharing our research with you. 


Uganda Project--Action!


Our collaboration with Ecolife Foundation with the Batwa people of Uganda is moving ahead at a rapid pace both in Bwindi,Uganda and in Monduli,Tanzania.  

Ecolife Executive Director Bill Toone brought a film crew to Uganda to produce a documentary film about the Batwa situation. They also accompanied the Batwa team to Monduli.

He and the film crew are recording stove installation training in Monduli with Batwa Stove Project Manager Simon Kwikiriza, and three Batwa women,
Sofia Ruth, Nyamihanda Vairoti, and Nyimanazimwe Ester.

Project Manager Kisioki Moijtiko along with the three Maasai Women's Installation Team Leaders Martha Lobulu Lendetya, Esupat Asalei Mollel, and Nemburis Shangeni Namainge went to Bwindi, Uganda for several days to help get the stove installations started there.


The team began installing the 96 fireboxes we shipped from Monduli to Bwindi. We are currently evaluating establishing a firebox factory in Bwindi, considering, costs, conservation, and local empowerment needs.  

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January, 2014
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Solar updates
Health, stoves, water
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Babies and solar   
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