Volume 3 Issue 6 | February 2021
Jack A. Weinberg
AHAI Chairman - HS Committee & Suspension and Review Committee
This has been the most unusual and arguably worst season in anyone's memory. Loved ones have been ill and some have died. Students have had no sense of normalcy in their lives and all of us have felt the sadness and desperation from the lack of contact with our friends and family. Hockey is usually the bright spot for all of us involved. We look forward to the fun and the competition with our friends and traditional rivals.

This period of time where the State has allowed us to have games should be a time of joy and gratefulness just to be playing. In my role as Chairman of the Suspension & Review Committee, I receive all the game reports where penalties more serious than the standard minors are tracked and if necessary intervention is administered. There has been a disturbing increase in the "injury potential" penalties. In addition, the penalties that denote a lack of respect for officials, other players, and the game itself are totally out of hand. The swearing at each other, racial slurs and the rest cannot continue.

Clubs, coaches and especially players and parents, stop and think about how much we all have waited for the opportunity to play this sport we love. Let's not ruin it by bringing all the other frustrations in our life to the rink and taking them out on each other. Have respect for each other and yourselves and particularly the game. If the game is damaged severely by individuals and groups that believe that the rules don’t apply to them and their own agenda and anger take precedent over the good of all, we will have nothing to return to when this is all over.

I hope to be able to see you all soon at the rink!
New Trier Standout Sabrina Shvartsman Looking to College Hockey and Beyond

Sabrina Shvartsman, a senior at New Trier in her fourth season on the Trevians’ girls varsity team, is committed to play Division III hockey starting in the fall at Elmira College. Then she’s planning to go to medical school as she hopes to be a sports medicine doctor.
Goalie Kaufmann Endures ‘Setbacks and Obstacles,’ Now Shines for Lakers

Last season, in his first game playing for the co-op Lakers Hockey Club, CJ Kaufmann was in goal when the stands were filled. His self-described “electric” style of play led to chants of “MVP” and the crowd was just as energetic.
Harout Torosian: ‘One of the Most Talented Forwards in the State’

It was the first day of tryouts during his sophomore season, literally 10 minutes in. Saint Viator was scrimmaging when Harout Torosian came off the bench for his second shift, racing to the puck, which was opposite of the benches in the neutral zone. “I get to the puck first and turn to go down the boards into the offensive zone,” recalled Torosian, now a senior.
“As I cross the blue line my opponent leans in to rub me off the puck and I shield him off. He then comes back with more power and gets under my hip and hit me clean from the side. I lose my balance and go sliding full speed into the boards on my left. I hit hard, bounced off and saw my leg hanging.”
JV Spotlight: Samuel Sheedy, Lakers Hockey Club

Samuel Sheedy admitted that the 2019-20 season was “pretty rough” with a “big learning curve,” as it was his first time playing defense in years. He had been a goalie. “It has definitely been a difficult transition, however, with support of my team, it has definitely been a fun journey,” said Sheedy, 17, a junior who attends Antioch Community High School and skates for the co-op Lakers Hockey Club JV Team.
China Native Zhang has skated 2 years for Saint Viator JV
He started playing hockey at age 6, but knew it wouldn’t be easy to continue playing in high school. Jingwen Zhang, you see, was born and raised in China and many players there have no high school hockey options due to lack of teams, competition, and limited time due to increased studying. Zhang knew America would be an option.

So, when a friend in China, who also was a teammate, was coming to America in 2018, Zhang came with him – and they both played for the Highland Park Falcons during the 2018-19 season.
AHAI’s Illinois Showcase Teams’ General Managers Announce the 2021 Annual JOG Athletics | ACHA Prospects Showcase
Fifth Third Arena is proud to host the 2021 Annual JOG Athletics | ACHA Prospects Showcase highlighting local and regional talent for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school and current junior hockey players. This year’s event will be held May 21-23, 2021. The goal for this event is to educate and create an opportunity for players to showcase their interest and talent in front of top ACHA Programs. With many of the top ACHA schools already committed, and more to come, this event will be unlike any other event in the area.
The Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Association (CBAA) distributes college scholarships annually to the three most deserving high school hockey players. Awards are determined from a candidate's level of community service, volunteerism, good citizenship, academic performance as well as the hockey talent of the individual. Recipients will receive an annual $7,500.00 scholarship over four years for a total of $30,000. Fully completed applications are due no later than March 15, 2021. Please direct any questions to Tom Dillon at tom.dillon@amwins.com.