Issue No. 213 | Feb. 18, 2021
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Weekly Reading
Happy Year of the Ox! This week we recommend "plowing through" this lengthy but excellent overview of China’s strategic environment as it faces the 14th Five-Year period.

Written by a researcher at 国务院发展研究中心, the article takes you through 3 key historical contexts, 5 forces of change, and 10 big trends (三大时代背景、五大变革性力量和十大趋势 ).

For busy readers, we suggest picking one of these numbered sections that most interests you.
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
gān dǎn xiāng zhào

Meaning: to treat one another with absolute sincerity; to show total devotion

Original: "在抗击疫情的非常时刻,各民主党派、工商联和无党派人士坚定不移同中国共产党想在一起、站在一起、干在一起,同舟共济、肝胆相照,为打赢疫情防控阻击战出主意、想办法,为中共中央科学决策、民主决策提供了重要参考。"

Source: February 1, 2021 习近平同党外人士共迎新春
We have recommended the Chinese-language podcast "Loud Murmurs" (小声喧哗) in a previous newsletter, and hopefully you've been listening. This week we recommend listening to their special episode on China's most high-profile #MeToo case, brought by Xianzi (Zhou Xiaoxuan), presented in the style of "This American Life."

Episode description:
Join the Club
The audio-based social network app Clubhouse has been making headlines this month after being blocked in China following a short period of open dialogue. If you haven't already, we recommend checking out the group "Mandarin Learners Club." It's a great resource for practicing your listening and speaking, and connecting with learners at all different levels.
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