College and Career Readiness in DCS

Our Strategic Plan, developed through a collaborative effort with stakeholders, guides us as we seek continual improvement. One of the five goals within the DCS Strategic Plan states that all students will have multiple opportunities to become career focused and prepared. Creating an awareness of different careers begins in elementary school. 

The BRIDGE Act requires schools to focus on future careers.  The Georgia Department of Education website explains that the BRIDGE (Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy) Act, House Bill 400 , was “signed into law May 2010 to create an atmosphere motivating middle- and high-school students to learn because they see the relevance of education to their dreams and future plans.”

In addition to curricular offerings and 10 CTAE pathways through seven programs, students are exposed to different career pathways through clubs, career fairs, and field trips. For example, DMS students recently attended a Career Fair hosted by the 4-H Club, and 34 DCHS students toured the Lineman School last month. Just as Stephen Covey encouraged his readers to move from dependence to independence to interdependence, we are also encouraging collaborative, interdependent partnerships. 

For example, Mr. Nick Wilson, DCHS Mechatronics Teacher, and students produced a 3D replica of the lake sturgeon for the TN Aquarium . Kindergarten Teacher Amber Kent (DCS Teacher of the Year 2017-2018) partnered with the Hunter Art Museum in order to “go public” with her students’ artwork and DCHS Art Teacher Heidi Wilson (DCS Teacher of the Year 2018-2019) will be doing the same this year. DMS Engineering Teacher Shenea Hill and her students will be working with NASA as they produce parts for their programs.

Furthermore, Dade County is proud to announce that we are a Great Promise Partnership school district and this means we are: Empowering students to stay in school while addressing workforce development needs.  Information from the GPP website reveals its origin: “In partnership with numerous community and business leaders, Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs developed Great Promise Partnership (GPP) to help at-risk students complete their high school education while gaining real-world job skills, thus gaining the ability to build successful lives. By forming public/private partnerships in communities across Georgia, we’re showing students that they have a place in Georgia’s economic future.”

DCHS Principal James Fahrney, Dr. James Cantrell (CTAE Director), William Back (Executive Director, Dade Economic Development) and I met with a number of leaders from local industries about securing employment for our students as they complete their high school work. We appreciate their willingness to form this unique partnership.

Mr. Fahrney, Counselors Amanda Clark and James Emmett and team are working diligently with our students to help them achieve scholarships dollars. Scholarships increased more than three times during the last year as students were offered almost two million dollars as compared to $528,750 the previous year.

We are proud to announce that The Dade County School System is now a REACH Georgia Scholarship school district.  REACH Georgia   (as described from its website) “is a needs-based mentoring and scholarship program providing promising students the support to graduate from high school and achieve postsecondary success. REACH scholars will be paired with a mentor who models positive behavior and provides the student with knowledge, advice , guidance, and support related to education and beyond.
Academic Coaches will help ensure scholars are on track to succeed through monitoring student progress, helping students develop education and career plans, and identifying academic and social supports. Qualifying REACH Scholars will be awarded a financial scholarship upon graduating from high school.”

In conclusion, we recognize that Together We Climb. We want our students to “See Beyond the Mountains” as they reach for excellence in their chosen career pathways, and make their dreams come true. 
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March 18-22, 2019
Character Quotes by DCS Young Authors
Character Theme: Counsel
Work of the Week: Advisors

EQ: What does it mean to be an advisor?

Quotes by Dade County Young Authors

You will never get help in life unless you ask for it. Arianna Clayton, DMS

It’s definitely ok to seek help from advisors. Don’t be afraid to get counsel. Alannah Gray, DMS

Wednesday: DES on KWN's "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" at 1P
We’re not born into this world knowing everything. We all need to seek guidance.
Coop Lumpkin, DCHS

When you are not sure what to do, seek counsel. Anna Ballard, DMS

Everyone needs help sometimes. I’ve found a friend in my sister, who has helped me since I was a little girl to make the right decisions. Abby Moore, DCHS