Strategic Plan - Goal 3: Engaging Stakeholders

The work in Dade County Schools is driven by the Strategic Plan and its five goals: fiscal accountability, college and career readiness, engaging stakeholders, recruiting and retaining a highly qualified, motivated workforce, and teaching and learning in a safe, caring environment.

In the last two weeks, I talked about fiscal accountability and college and career readiness. Today I want to share what we are doing to increase stakeholder engagement. We ramped up our efforts to communicate more effectively. We re-branded and created new logos with the help of our stakeholders. We updated our website and announced that Dade County now has an app. Weekly newsletters and Annual Reports are distributed to approximately 3500 employees, parents and stakeholders.

Last week, we were notified that we received an All Star Award 2018 for our communication efforts. Additionally, we have regular meetings with our stakeholders and seek input through multiple survey opportunities. Social media accounts for twitter and Facebook are in place for the district and for each school.

In conclusion, we recognize that Together We Climb . We want to share the Good News about our students to our valued stakeholders, and we seek input and involvement from our valued partners in Dade County and beyond for the benefit of our deserving students. Thank you for your support.
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March 25-29, 2019
Character Quotes by DCS Young Authors
Character Theme: Counsel
Work of the Week: Making Decisions
Congratulations, Shyann King, Winner of Love the Bus Art Contest! Shown with her Teacher, Heidi Wilson and Principal, James Fahrney along with Dr. Cantrell and Dr. Harris.
EQ: How do I make decisions?

Monday, March 25th: DMS & DCHS Soccer Home, DCHS Tennis Home, DCHS Baseball Home, DMS Cheerleader Try-outs all week
Never be too proud to ask for help when making a decision. Eli Barron, DMS

Tuesday, March 26th: DAVIS Roll-Up Night for Parents 5:30 - 7:00 p.m., DCHS Baseball Home, DMS Band Concert at 7P.
In life you have to make decisions. There are two types of decisions: good decisions and bad decisions. Choose the good decision. Landen Childress, DMS

Wednesday, March 27th: DAVIS on KWN's "Reading, Writing & Arithmetic" at 1P, Tennis Home
I made a decision to ask my teacher for help when I didn’t understand a segment in Social Studies. I asked her to explain it to me in another way. The next day I passed the test with flying colors! Sidney Jones, DMS

Thursday, March 28th: Instructional Rounds and Facilities Review at DMS 9A - 1P, Band Leaves for Philadelphia, TRS Workshop, Golf at Trenton Golf Club
I always listen to my dad’s advice. Ayden Miles, DMS

Friday, March 29th: DAVIS Lip Sync
I bet even Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein asked for help at one time. Sidney Jones, DMS

SPRING BREAK - April 1 - 5, 2019