Strategic Plan - Goal 4: Maintaining a Motivated, Highly Qualified Workforce

The Strategic Plan and its five goals drive the work in Dade County Schools. Recently, I shared an update regarding fiscal accountability, college and career readiness and engaging stakeholders. At this time, I want to share what we are doing to maintain a motivated, highly qualified workforce. The fifth goal is teaching and learning in a safe, caring environment; I will provide an update on this goal next week.

We seek to employ the best and brightest teachers and employees. Some of the colleges and universities with whom we interact include Covenant, UTC, Lee University and UGA. Once new teachers become part of our team, mentors are assigned to support them.

We actively engage with the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) and Georgia Professional Standards Commission to ensure our employees are compliant with certification requirements. We provide rigorous professional learning in our school district and through RESA in Rome. Administrators, including the superintendent, must be credentialed annually in order to oversee the evaluation of employees through the GADOE TKES and LKES system.

We provide benefits in addition to the State retirement and insurance plan such as life insurance, attendance incentives and flexible spending accounts for all employees. The State Salary Matrix provides incentives for salary increases for advanced degrees. Dade County has 302 employees. There are 116 classified employees and 186 certified employees as noted in the 2018 Annual Report. Faculty degrees are as follows: Bachelors = 23%, Masters = 48%, Ed Specialists = 21% and Doctorate = 7%.

We are proud of our employees. They are hardworking, intelligent leaders who are dedicated to the youth of Dade County. As such, we actively seek input from our employees as well as our stakeholders as we make improvements. Thank you for sending your students to Dade County Schools. We have a strong team in place. We stand ready to nurture, protect and educate your precious children. Thank you for your support. 
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April 8 - 12, 2019
Character Quotes by DCS Young Authors
Character Theme and Word of the Week: UNDERSTANDING
Mr. Barton, Mr. Case shown with the Fishing Team
DCHS/DMS Art Exhibit at the Hunter Art Museum

EQ: What does it mean to understand self and others?

Monday: Administrators Meeting at 12:30pm
When everyone listens with the intention to understand and not to speak, we will finally go places. Karen Zheng, DCHS

Tuesday: DMS Baseball
In band, Mrs. Chance teaches us understanding. She said, “You must understand the audience expects your best. They don’t care you have Mondays.” Ruth Pack, DMS

Wednesday: County Office-KWN "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" at 1pm
Understanding others’ situations can be difficult, but it’s the effort that molds you into a humble leader. Abby Moore, DCHS

Thursday: Counselors' Meeting at 8:30 am, Instructional Rounds at Davis 9am
To understand is when you put yourself in another person’s position….to know how they feel. Ayden Miles, DMS

Friday: Soccer, DCHS Baseball Home, Art Paper Flower Workshop at 4pm
Put our thoughts aside. Have an open mind. We don’t have to agree with others, but just try to understand them. Alannah Gray, DMS