Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision, and Values

I am excited to announce the completion of the Mission, Vision, and Values phase of our strategic planning process. The new strategic framework reflects our commitment to student success, and it provides vision and direction for our future.
We engage students through learning and research opportunities that improve the intellectual vigor, cultural vitality, and health of our communities.
We inspire passion for knowledge and discovery.
Integrity: honesty in our actions and words 
Community: fostering connections 
Inclusivity: valuing all and building a culture of belonging  
Teamwork: collaborating with compassion and respect
Shared Responsibility: all contributing to our success 
Learning: continuous growth and development
While we must still receive approval from the Idaho State Board of Education, the completion of this step is monumental. I want to express my deep appreciation to the Strategic Planning Committee for their hard work, thoughtful approach, and continual leadership throughout the process to achieve this milestone.

I also want to thank the campus community for their input. The feedback we received helped to shape the final outcome. Details are available on the University's strategic planning website

The next phase of our strategic planning process is the development of our goals and objectives. It is anticipated that this phase will be completed by mid-March. The overall strategic planning process will be complete by May, and the State Board of Education will review the plan at their session in June.

Again, my thanks to all of you for your participation in reaching these important results.


Kevin Satterlee
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