February 13, 2021

Dear Community Friends,
On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and members of the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation and Association Boards of Directors, I want to give you an update on the progress of the Strategic Plan launch and process.

Once again, many thanks to Kit Murphy, Hannah Brainard, Jane Anderson, Cindy Mahl, Yvette VanRiper, Tom Jones and Kurt Geisheimer for the formation of the SPC. Their diligence and hard work have been exemplary, and the proof of work is evident. 
Here are a few highlights to date:

  • Twelve (12) strategic initiatives were established to frame the Strategic Plan process.
  • A brief description, starter questions and the survey data were developed.

  • The SPC identified 12 Work Group leaders to serve as facilitators of each Work Group.

  • The Work Group leaders and the SPC worked together to form Work Groups of 8-10 members each.

  • The survey request for information from our Lakeside community resulted in a phenomenal response and participation – nearly 800 respondents and over 9,000 comments.
  • Cindy Grimm, Lakesider and retired market researcher, applied her craft and assisted us in sorting the data. It has been made available to the Working Groups with the assistance of the Lakeside Marketing and Communications team led by our VP of Marketing, Holly Gartner.

  • Six (6) overarching community themes were identified from the survey:
  • Affordability
  • Preservation of Lakeside’s unique culture 
  • Housing stock and parking/transportation issues should be addressed before increasing customer base
  • Upgrade/repair existing facilities and grounds before adding new
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of grounds and properties
  • Increased engagement with surrounding community
  • The official launch meeting and orientation was held on Saturday, January 23.
  • All Working Groups began meeting last week.

  • Working Groups will complete and submit their recommendations by March 31.
Thanks so much to the community and all who have participated in making this process vulnerable and transparent. We all are excited for the work that lies ahead as we frame, approve and execute a dynamic plan to govern and measure our greatest ideals for years to come.

For more information visit lakesideohio.com/lakesideplan or email lakesideplan@lakesideohio.com.
Daniel Rogers
President and CEO
Lakeside Chautauqua