Dear Colleague,

As you are likely aware, the College of Engineering is embarking upon a strategic design process to frame a compelling vision for the future of the College, and to articulate the key commitments and priorities that will enable us to collectively achieve that vision.

The College has engaged Stephanie Rogen and her team at Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP) as external consultant partners for this strategic design process. 

As a crucial first step in this work, we are committed to gathering insights and feedback from perspectives across the College of Engineering community. Our listening and learning work will occur throughout the winter and spring, via in-person focus groups, meetings, and drop-in sessions, as well as through an upcoming online survey.

Some of you will be participating in focus groups this week. While we are unable to conduct enough focus groups to include every member of the faculty and staff, we are eager to hear from as many of you as possible. To that end, all faculty and staff are invited to a Drop-In Session with the GLP team in Hill Conference Room on Wednesday, February 6 at 2 p.m. We invite you to stop by the drop-in session to offer your unique voice to this ongoing dialogue.

With profound gratitude for your commitment to the College of Engineering,
Sharon L. Walker, PhD
Dean, College of Engineering