January 17, 2020
Strategic Planning Summary | January 17, 2020
Review this report to learn the latest news about the Shaker Heights City School District's Strategic Planning process.
The objective of the Strategic Planning Process is t o collaboratively create a five-year path for the Shaker Heights City School District that is guided by our commitment to educational equity and the International Baccalaureate Programme .

Currently, our work with Resolute Educational Solutions to develop the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is occurring on two parallel tracks:  

  • On the first track, Resolute is working with District leadership to review a draft summary of all of the data collected prior to winter break. This includes information gathered from focus groups of students, staff, parents, community members and classroom visits, as well as quantitative data such as disciplinary, student attendance and achievement data.

  • The second portion of the work is occurring at the school level. Each school team is meeting with Resolute to develop school-level action plans that are aligned with the District’s Plan. The focus of these plans is on the alignment of resources to meet student needs and District goals. 

Questions about the Strategic Planning process? Please submit your inquiry via our feedback form here .
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