January 24, 2020
Strategic Planning Summary | January 24, 2020
Review this report to learn the latest news about the Shaker Heights City School District's Strategic Planning process.
The objective of the Strategic Planning Process is t o collaboratively create a five-year path for the Shaker Heights City School District that is guided by our commitment to educational equity and the International Baccalaureate Programme .

Next week, Resolute Educational Solutions, LLC will continue working with District instructional leaders and building-level teams to facilitate the development of school-level action plans that will align with the District Strategic Plan. Topics that the building and instructional teams are addressing include examining decisions that impact equitable outcomes, as well as taking a deep dive into the District’s mission and vision.

Additionally, Resolute is working to finalize the preliminary draft report, which summarizes the data and input received during the initial phase of the strategic planning process. The District is also working with Resolute to develop a plan to share the information included in the report.

Questions about the Strategic Planning process? Please submit your inquiry via our feedback form here .
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