Strategic Planning Update
April 16, 2021
We are excited and pleased to share with you our draft Strategic Plan documents. These documents were presented to the Executive Committee last night and were unanimously approved for distribution to all of you for impressions and review. We are proud of what we have achieved and the direction we're headed. This plan is truly monumental for the organization. It defines who we are and who we want to be. Further, it explains how we will achieve that goal and vision. Below you will find:

These documents were created with the input and assistance of the entire organization, from Board members to our amazing direct care staff. The feedback of nearly 800 stakeholders at all levels informed the this process vision. We are grateful to all who contributed for your dedication and insight. We specifically want to thank the Strategic Visioning Committee and sub-committee members, as well Kirk Lewis and the EDA for their exceptional support.

These documents capture the essence of a two-year process that will strengthen the organization and focus our efforts moving forward. We plan to discuss these documents at the Board of Governors meeting on April 29. At that time we will be asking for approval of the Strategic Plan itself, as well as approval to move forward with the initial initiatives that were prioritized through a collaborative process by all stakeholders. We hope they will meet with your approval and support. They were developed by all of you.

To further understand the process and background of how we got to this point, we encourage you to view the webinar we held on this topic on April 6. The recorded presentation can be viewed here, and the slide deck can be found here.

Lastly, we want to specifically thank Kate Geurin for her amazing graphics work and for pulling it all together into a cohesive document. We hope you enjoy them and feel the same sense of pride in this amazing organization and the opportunities the future holds.

CONTACT: Erik Geizer, CEO
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