Strategic Planning for
Long-Term Care Facilities
No health care setting has been more impacted by the pandemic than long-term care facilities. Thankfully, with spring comes new growth and change. Regardless of the experiences and outcomes your team has shared over the past year, the continued needs of those you serve will push you forward. One thing is certain — when we eventually get to the new “norm”, it will not look like pre-COVID 2019.
Beyond the heartbreak, isolation, and overwhelming stress of the past year, constantly operating in a hyper-vigilant emergency mode has heavily impacted health care settings, and rightfully so. This heightened posture means that many health care workers have spent over a year focusing on preventing infection and saving lives. We have heard stories of and witnessed your selflessness first hand, and we thank you. Unfortunately and understandably, this intense focus on COVID-19 has caused many to lose sight of daily regulatory requirements,maintaining other skillsets, and planning for the future.
We have not seen the last of COVID-19, but there is no better time than the present to check on the pulse of your daily operations and plan for the future.  Establishing and implementing a strategic plan now will help you navigate the road to recovery and future success.  Establishing and focusing on goals and success may also help your staff heal.
ACT supports clients by evaluating the current status of systems, leading or participating in the strategic planning process, and helping you achieve your goals. Our team can help from Point A to Point Z, or anywhere in between. Strategic planning requires time, focus, and the ability to step back and consider current and future abilities and needs.  Many people find it daunting, especially now. Let us help!
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