August 2019

A strategic product marketing function is the perfect complement to product management, corporate marketing and sales. To deliver greater strategic value though, product marketing may require a different structure.

Public training courses are back! We're kicking it off with a Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping workshop in Atlanta on September 5th. Learn how to use a single strategic roadmap to groom value-based product backlogs. Eliminate competing priorities across product teams and deliver solutions with greater strategic value.

Enjoy our August issue. 

High Octane Product Management Blog
  • Strategic Product Marketing: One Small Move, Three Big Benefits
  • Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five B2B Best Practices
The Product Management Playbook
  • How To Groom Value-Based Product Backlogs From a Single Strategic Roadmap
In the Trenches FAQs
  • How Executives Define Strategic Product Management
Public Training Courses Are Back
  • Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping Course: Atlanta, September 5th
High Octane Product Management Blog
Strategic Product Marketing: One Small Move, Three Big Benefits

Many product marketing professionals in B2B have long felt like the sales tools on-demand department and rightfully so. It's a tough rut to climb out of when product marketing is perceived as a tactical extension of product management, tasked with little more than mobilizing product value propositions to drive sales. It's one of the least effective ways to do product marketing in B2B.

A highly effective product marketing function is more of a complement to product management than it is an extension.  View the article.

Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five Best Practices 

Here are five B2B product management best practices that'll give product management teams the coveted "strategic" moniker among executives, marketing, sales, engineering and customer success teams. Read on to see why doing these five things for the portfolio instead of doing them for every product not only improves the strategic value of product management, they also make your organization more market-focused across the board. View the article .

Product Management Playbook
Using One Strategic Roadmap to Groom All Product Backlogs

Creating value-based product backlogs is pretty simple when there's a single strategic roadmap for the portfolio. Here's why.

In the Trenches FAQs
Executive Perspectives on "Strategic Product Management"

  1. What Do Executives Really Mean When They Say, "I Want Product Management to be More Strategic?" 
Public Training Courses Are Back! 
Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping: Atlanta, September 5th
Five Reasons to Take This Course
  1. Perceptions of product management are that it's too tactical.

  2. The ever-changing sales pipeline has too much influence on (ever-changing) product priorities.

  3. You'll learn how to deliver tactical products with greater strategic value to accelerate growth.

  4. You'll acquire strategic planning skills that are valuable regardless of role or career path.

  5. You'll be able to communicate your strategy and backlogs in pure value context. Features optional! 

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