July 18, 2023
Strategic Visioning Update: Governance
As you know, one of the major components of the Strategic Plan passed by the Board of Governors in April 2021 was to clarify the roles and responsibilities of our Board and our broader governing structure. At this time, the Governance Workgroup is focused on monitoring the improvements made over the past two years and will continue to tune these approaches based upon your feedback and our emerging needs.

An overview of Governance changes that have been initiated can be found below. Click on the image to read more, and review the resources we've developed to support The Arc New York Board of Governors in fulfilling their role.
Upcoming Board Self Assessment
Finally, we remain committed to providing self-assessments to the Governors every other year. Shortly after the July meeting, we will be launching the 2023 Self-Assessment, and will share the results at the October BOG meeting. We hope each of our Governors takes the time to participate.

Although the assessment measures a variety of areas, your feedback made it clear that “Culture” is the metric that needed the most focus when we last performed the assessment in 2021. The BOG scored itself lower than the average at that time. Our goal for 2023 has been to meet or exceed the average score of all boards who participate in the assessment.

We encourage you to review the resources above in advance of the assessment, and continue to provide feedback about what more we can do to make you successful in the important role you play. 
CONTACT: Kate Jerian, Chief Operating Officer

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