Village Gospel Harvest brings the Good News to all people's groups of Russia!
Vyatskie Polyany is the south of large Kirov region! In this small town there is a church that became a regional base for spreading of the Gospel in Moslem Tatrstan, pagan Udmurtia, Chuvashia, and Kirov and Ulyanovsk region of Russia ! By the way this is where the vision Village Gospel Harvest started, this is the first church that we gave our first van to evangelise villages around! I love to visit Vyatskie Polyany - I am inspired by dedication to the Gospel of village Pastors.
The happiness of knowing the best people in Russia! (part 1)
Pastors from villages came together for seminars, fellowship and Q&A! This trip was one of the most amazing for me. I experienced true sense of satisfaction and happiness when talking, listening and discussing different issues with village pastors. They are true heroes who daily demonstrate their faith in Jesus by preaching the Good News with their lives and by
not compromising Christ values in our age of total moral compromise!
Ilya and Elena, Andrey, Yuriy and Natasha, Victor and Natasha and they son Leonid and Svetlana and Ruslan - just few of true heroes who are the Light and the Salt in this world.
During seminars we worked in groups and went through foundational principles of the Story of Redemption and Pastors really loved it!
The Holy Spirit ministered to the leaders, we prayed for each others and we all enjoyed His presence!
Thank you friends for praying and supporting the spreading of the Gospel in the most remote areas of Russia!
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