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March 2020 Newsletter

Darcy Misiak Bien, Strategic Planner
         Darcy Bien 

Training & Learning Forum Facilitator
Strategy in Motion Learning Forum - Friday, March 13
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What We can Learn from the Best Managed Companies   
   By Darcy Bien
A few months ago, the WSJ published an article on the 250 Best Managed Companies 
The ranking was developed by the Drucker Institute and is based on a holistic measure of corporate effectiveness, "doing the right things well." To calculate scores, statistical software assigned a different weight for each dimension based on the degree to which it was found to contribute to overall corporate effectiveness. Those factors and weights were:
We've been spending a lot time on Culture and the importance of Employee Engagement and Development. Labor is a constraint as an industry challenge and companies who believe in their "people," worthy of investment and development, are winning!
Highly engaged people (and training them) leads to innovations, which leads to competitive advantages. This is a huge opportunity for a company <$200 million to compete against the big guys! If you want some great tips, join us at our Stretch Learning Forum on March 13 and read my full article here .  

Stretch Strategic Leaders 2-Day Workshop™  
Only a few spots remain for March 26-27! This 2-day Workshop teaches you Strategic Mindset with a focus on understanding yourself - your usual behaviors, needs and interests using the Birkman assessment. You also identify your unique strengths, core values, purpose, long-term vision, and key goals. You leave with your own Stretch Strategic Plan™. Goal achievement is 80% more successful with a plan. 
 Facilitators: Darcy Bien & Cyndi Wineinger
Location: Office Key, Hyde Park 

Stretch Strategic Leaders 1-Day Bootcamp™  
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NEW! Join us April 30! Learn about the building blocks of creating strategy and the resources needed to do it well . After 20 years and close to 300 strategic plans, we have learned a lot, so get ready to drink from a fire hose. See the integral role of creativity in strategy and the importance of culture and team dynamics to a successful process. You'll leave as a better strategic thinker, equipped with the tools to lead strategy development. We are offering an introductory price of $295. Act fast so you don't miss it!
 Facilitators: Darcy Bien & Cyndi Wineinger
Location: Office Key, Blue Ash