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Getting the Most of Your Homeowner's Claim | I-9 Changes | Estate Planning for Millennials
Is Your Homeowner's Policy Claim Being Underpaid?

By Ronald R. Parry
If you have ever made a significant claim under a homeowner's policy, you have likely been through a fairly devastating event. Claims under homeowner's policies arise from events such as fires, broken water pipes or storm damage, just to name a few. Homeowners who have significant claims of this nature have usually suffered a loss of some items of personal property, as well as the loss of all, or part, of their living quarters.  Read more .

Estate Planning: The Millennial Legal Oversight
By Jeffrey A. Levine
Millennials are generally defined as those aged 18 to 34. Estate planning is rarely a priority for people in this age group, especially those who don't have children or own a sports car collection. Even those who have started families or own significant assets tend to avoid the notion of a sudden health scare. However, estate planning isn't about expecting the worst - it's about protecting your assets, your values, and the people most important to you. Without an estate plan, a probate court will decide what happens to your assets in a process that is often lengthy, tedious and expensive.  Read More.
USCIS Updates I-9 Form

B y Theresa L. Nelson
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has updated the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form, required for each individual hired in the U.S., including citizens and noncitizens. This new form must be used for verifying employment eligibility of all new hires after January 22, 2017. Companies that don't properly fill out the form can face penalties (including criminal) and fines of up to $2,156 per form. Download the new form here

Strauss Troy Attorney William P. Coley Invited to speak at
Harvard's Innovation Project

Strauss Troy Attorney of Counsel William P. Coley II has been invited to speak at the Innovation Project, an annual conference at Harvard University. Coley, who has developed a unique solution to the medical marijuana cash transaction problem that has arisen in other states, will be speaking about The State of Cannabis and Commerce in the U.S.

As more states begin to legalize marijuana for medical use or recreation, analysts are projecting the industry to be a multi-billion dollar opportunity. Read more.

Strauss Troy shareholder Marty Butler has been awarded Northern Kentucky University's Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes alumni who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to Northern Kentucky University through their time and talents.
Jeffrey Standen, dean of the Salmon P. Chase College of Law noted that Marty is an indispensable part of the NKU community. In 2014, Butler received Northern Kentucky University's distinguished Lincoln Award. Read more.
Strauss Troy Sponsors The Midwesterns Tennis Tournament

Strauss Troy once again served as corporate sponsor for The Midwesterns, a national platform tennis tournament which was held in the Greater Cincinnati area the weekend of January 13-15.  The tournament, which brings to Cincinnati hundreds of players from all over the Midwest, as well as the East Coast, raises money each year for a specific charity, this year's charity being the Camping and Education Foundation.

The Foundation develops young men and women in body and spirit through wilderness experience that celebrate a love of the outdoors.  Strauss Troy has been a sponsor of The Midwesterns for approximately 20 years and Jim Heldman, Co-Chairman of the firm, has participated for over 25 years.

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