Defamation, The Legal Risks of Social Media, HOAs, Talcum Powder's Link to Ovarian Cancer,
Medical Marijuana in Ohio, and More...
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Defamation, The Legal Risks of Social Media, HOAs, Talcum Powder's Link to Ovarian Cancer Upcoming Events, and More ...

By Stephen E. Schilling
In today's media-saturated world, where the power of the internet can bring global attention in an instant, the threat of unfair criticism is ever present, but when criticism is based on a false statement, that can cross the line into unlawful defamation. The law can protect you if you are the victim of defamation, but only if you act quickly. The most common reaction to defamation-waiting for the problem to go away-can be a terrible mistake .
Risk Ahead Sign
By Jeffrey A. Levine
Social media has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. It is nearly impossible to find an individual or organization without a corresponding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat account. While the benefits of social media are readily apparent, the legal risks that accompany it are often overlooked. At the touch of a button, social media users can distribute a message to a plethora of recipients - and expose themselves to a plethora of legal risks. Users must recognize and manage these risks in order to optimize the benefits of social media.

What to Do After Securing a Spot on Your Ohio Homeowner's Association

B y Michelle E. James
You finally found the time to volunteer and you garnered the votes. Now, what? One of the first steps after securing a spot on your HOA board is to determine what the board is authorized to do and how it may carry out those authorized acts. The keys to answering these questions are the declarations, the HOA's bylaws, and the Ohio Planned Community Law, O.R.C. ยง 5312.01, et seq.


B y Ron A. Parry
Johnson & Johnson is now facing more than 1,200 lawsuits, filed by women with ovarian cancer, who have used Johnson's baby powder or Johnson's Shower to Shower talcum powder product for feminine hygiene. 

By Claudia G. Allen
On May 17, the Department of Labor released the Final Rule regarding eligibility for exemption from overtime pay. This new rule becomes effective December 1, 2016, and it is expected to have the effect of creating over four million new non-exempt employees.

Larry Neuman, of counsel at Strauss Troy in Cincinnati, was the recipient of the Mesel Wieder "Mensch" Award given by the Jewish Federation of Greater Cincinnati on May 26. The annual award is given to an active volunteer in the Jewish community who serves on committees and who has the interests of the community at heart. 

Congratulations to Strauss Troy Shareholder Bill Williamson, who won the 76th Annual Northern Kentucky Amateur Golf Championship!  
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