eNewsletter - March 20, 2017

Strawberry Hill Master Plan Process Underway
Public provides Topics for Consideration

The first in a series of public meetings regarding the Strawberry Hill Master Plan took place March 8, 2017 at Cheyenne Mountain Jr. High School where approximately 150 people attended. The purpose of the first public meeting was to explain the Master Plan process (a requirement of the Conservation Easement held by Palmer Land Trust), outline provisions of the Conservation Easement, describe those aspects of the project that have already been determined through the land exchange and Conservation Easement process, and to solicit public input about issues, concerns, and desires for the property that will help inform the Master Plan.

Tim Seibert of the local land planning firm, N.E.S., Inc. opened the evening with a presentation of the overall Master Plan process and the requirements, and explained how the process would proceed over the next few months. Amber Shanklin, Palmer Land Trust, provided a presentation outlining the provisions of the Conservation Easement and its affects on the project. The NES team of specialists was introduced outlining their responsibilities which was followed by a Q&A session to gain public input on topics they would like to see addressed in the Master Plan.

Over the next several weeks, the project team will be working on gathering information including mapping and analysis of the social trails, wildlife, cultural resources, plan ecology, forestry inventory and erosion.  

The project team will present preliminary information assembled from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, April 13 at Public Meeting 2.

Click HERE for the Public Meeting 1 Summary,  March 8, 2017.

Click HERE for the map of The Strawberry Hill property.

Frequently Asked Questions
Moving forward, you are able to access a current list of FAQs located within the "Other Documents" tab on the project web site. 
Examples of the FAQs. 
Q:  How important is the public's input into the decision-making and the final Master Plan document?
A: The public's input during the land exchange process was extremely valuable and resulted in the Conservation Easement and several trail easements on the property, as well as other improvements to the process that must be followed. The public's input during the Master Planning process is also extremely valuable for informing the Master Plan.  Several public meetings will take place to listen to the public's concerns and desires for the property. As mapping studies and analyses are completed on the property, they will be presented during the meetings for public comment and feedback.

Q: Prior reports indicated the size of the Strawberry Hill property was 189 acres, why is it now listed as 182.14 acres?
A:  The 189 figure was an estimate prior to official surveys being conducted. The property surveys indicate the actual size of the Strawberry Hill property is 182.14 acres.

Q: What is the trail plan (the build out)? Will the public be permitted to use the trails?
A: The public will be involved in the trail plan. The Broadmoor will be responsible for 100 percent of trail construction cost and maintenance, except for the Chamberlain Trail, which is the responsibility of the City of Colorado Springs. Yes, the public will be permitted to use all the trails that are outside of the 8.5-acre building envelope.

Click HERE  for a list of updated FAQs for the Strawberry Hill Master Plan process.

Mark Your Calendar - Public Meeting 2
Time: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Date: Thursday, April 13
Cheyenne Mountain Jr. High School 
1200 W. Cheyenne Rd.
available across the street, 
east side of the building, 
and in the front of the building

Special ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accommodations can be made by calling 719/488-5908 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

In a land exchange approved by the City of Colorado Springs in May 2016, The Broadmoor obtained a 182.14-acre site in North Cheyenne Canyon known as Strawberry Hill. The local land planning firm of N.E.S., Inc. has been contracted to develop a Master Plan for the Strawberry Hill property on behalf of The Broadmoor to ensure land use requirements stipulated by Colorado Springs City Council and in the Conservation Easement are met for the property. The Conservation Easement, held by Palmer Land Trust, a state-certified and nationally accredited land trust, ensures public access to all but 8.5 acres of the 182.14-acre Strawberry Hill property. The Palmer Land Trust oversees its conservation and ensures the use and recreational values and enjoyment of the general public on the rest of the land are observed. The Master Plan process is now underway with a series of meetings enabling the public the opportunity to provide input that will help inform the Plan.
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