Strawberry Lane Road and Trail Project

Strawberry Lane, Strawberry Court & Peach Circle Updates

Construction Schedule Update: Aug 24-Sep 1

August 24 - 25

Storm Sewer Construction from Shorewood Oaks Drive is scheduled to continue. If you work from home or need to leave throughout the day during these operations, you may be asked to park your vehicle outside of the day’s working area while crews are onsite. Construction staff will continue to help coordinate this with you. Please utilize the Cathcart Drive detour or utilize alternate routes accordingly.

The intersection of Strawberry Lane and 62nd Street will be closed north of 62nd Street during the working hours for the remainder of the week. Residents living south of 62nd street will have access maintained during the work. Construction Staff will be working to complete the remaining storm sewer facilities in this area. Please utilize Shorewood Oaks Drive or Smithtown Road to access the neighborhood.

August 28 - September 1

If storm sewer installation is not completed by the end of the day on Friday, August 25 near the 62nd street intersection, Construction crews will be working to complete installation on Monday, August 28. Upon completion of the storm sewer installation, the crews will begin watermain installation on Peach Circle. The resident project representative will be coming around to help coordinate vehicle staging if necessary on a day-by-day basis for the upcoming week. Please keep all personal vehicles out of the areas where crews are actively working.


Due to construction delays and resident access impacts, the roadway contractor is scheduled to begin road section construction on Tuesday, August 29. Details will follow once the roadway contractor is onsite. The resident project representative will help coordinate vehicle staging when necessary.

Please remind guests, visitors, or your contractors to travel slowly and cautiously through the site.

In the next few weeks...

The roadway contractor will be installing storm sewer, watermain, dropping off materials, and other miscellaneous items to the site. Trenches will be dug in the roadway, and equipment will be actively moving around onsite. Please note that all supplies and equipment will be staged in the boulevard locations of the project area during the end of each working day. If you are a resident traveling through the neighborhood; for your safety, please be patient with delivery crews and contractors on-site. The resident project representative Tom Vidmar will be onsite to help coordinate construction activities and communication with residents who will be affected on a day-by-day basis. We ask that you please use this email update as a primary source of project schedule information and updates on major construction work to come. Tom’s contact info is listed below. 


Please remove any landscape items that you would like to save that are within the city Right of way area. 

Please label your garbage cans with your address written on duct tape so that crews may be able to move garbage and recycling cans for pickup on days where the roadway will not be passable. We ask that you set these cans out on Tuesday afternoon/evening so that crews can quickly move them to available pick-up locations outside of the working area.

Temporary mailboxes are installed and located along the North side of Shorewood Oaks Drive near the intersection of Strawberry Lane and Shorewood Oaks Drive. This includes mailboxes for all residents living on the Strawberry Lane project and adjacent roadways. To alleviate congestion, ensure mail delivery is not missed, and provide safety measures, it has been placed just outside of the construction. See the below image of the location:

If you have package deliveries that need to be made, please have them sent to City Hall to ensure safe keeping. Delivery drivers will not have access to the neighborhood while construction is taking place. The address is: Shorewood City Hall, 5755 Country Club Rd, Shorewood, MN 55331

Equipment, materials, and supplies will continue to be staged in various locations of the construction area. 

Resident Project Representative


Tom Vidmar

Bolton & Menk Inc.


[email protected]

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