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Water is Essential, Water Workers Are Too
NEIWPCC has embarked on a social media campaign to recognize water and wastewater operators as essential workers.

Pictured here are those we acknowledged in January: Brian Fortin of Bennett Environmental Associates (Massachusetts); the York (Maine) Sewer District, and Ryan Starkey, an operator with the Warwick (Rhode Island) Sewer Authority.

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From Mangroves to Wastewater...

Dr. Christina Stringer, NEIWPCC's new director of Wastewater and Onsite Systems, brings a wealth of experiences and perspective to her new role. Diving deep into water after earning a bachelor's in chemistry, Dr. Stringer pursued a master's in...

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New Handbook Guides Hudson River Landowners

A new publication, "Creating and Maintaining Hudson River Views: A Handbook for Landowners," is now available on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website. The handbook provides guidance...

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In Brief
Under a new Massachusetts law, municipalities will be required to notify residents of combined sewer overflow discharges.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo and University of Pittsburgh are teaming up to understand how PFAS degrade at each step of the proposed wastewater treatment process using advanced mass spectrometry and computer modeling.

In Concord, N.H., residents have "tossed, wiped, and watered" throughout the pandemic.

NEIWPCC's wastewater and drinking water environmental training program expands virtual training to include advanced-level coursework.

The Water Environmental Federations announced the availability $2,500-$5,000 scholarships for water operators seeking certification or professional development. Application deadline is April 1.

NEIWPCC announces dates for the 27th National Tank Conference...September 13-15, 2022.
Employment opportunities and internships are posted as they become available. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Environmental analyst, Source Water Protection Liaison
  • Environmental analyst, Training & Certification
  • Communications intern, Long Island Sound Study
  • Lake Champlain boat launch stewards
Staffing Updates
We welcome two new employees this month supporting the Water Resource Protection Division:

  • Katie Darr, environmental analyst (Citizen Advisory Committee Coordinator, LCBP) in Vermont.
  • Annalee Tweitmann, environmental analyst (NYSDEC – LMAS) in Albany, N.Y.
February 16-18, 2021, Virtual: New York Water Environment Association's 93rd Annual Meeting, Bringing Water to Life!

March 3, 5, 9, and 11, 2021, Virtual: NEIWPCC's Northeast Aquatic Biologists Conference.

March 17-18, 2021, Virtual: Association of Clean Water Administrators' Mid-Year Meeting.

March 29, 2021, Virtual: NEIWPCC's National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar, Environmental Justice. 2-3:30 p.m.

April 5, 2021, Virtual: NEIWPCC's National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar, Impervious Cover. 1-2:30 p.m.

May 20, 25, and 27, 2021, Virtual: NEIWPCC's 31st Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference.

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