The Peconic Estuary Partnership finalizes their comprehensive conservation and management plan. The CCMP’s new goals—strong partnerships, resilient communities, clean water, and a healthy ecosystem—will be the foundation for protecting and restoring the Peconic over the next ten years.

EPA awards millions of dollars for water infrastructure improvement projects in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Connecticut wastewater treatment facilities partner with Yale University to monitor COVID-19 in wastewater. Other universities across the region are also participating in the “test-your-sewage-for-COVID team.”

Save the Sound releases the 2020 Long Island Sound Report Card, which scores the ecological health of the Sound’s sub-basins. According to the report, water quality in some regions of the watershed declined slightly from 2018, due to annual weather changes and increased temperatures causing larger algal blooms. Nitrogen pollution remains the biggest issue for the Long Island Sound watershed.

FEMA updates its flood protection policy to support funding for green infrastructure projects.

Vermont is helping farms adopt practices that reduce runoff.

The USDA will spend $891 million on rural water infrastructure improvements across the country.