Thursday, February 1, 2024

Grounding in our Faith with Pastor Laura:

A couple of nights ago I got home from an evening meeting, and it was time to put my son to bed. I came into the living room, scooped him up, and carried him to the bedroom trying to speed through all the steps to get him ready for bed. I wrestled him into his pajamas as he tried to play the xylophone and search for the comb he had hidden in the bed that morning.

After all the tasks were done I set up the nightlight he got for Christmas that we had not used yet. I put him into bed, turned off the light, and flipped the switch to the nightlight. Suddenly, the ceiling was dancing with a light projection that looked like a galaxy and tiny pinpricks of light dotted the room that looked like stars.

Lil Dude froze and looked at the ceiling and started to say “wow” repeatedly. It was like the night sky came to his bedroom that night. The wonder of the moment disrupted my rush to get through the task and I climbed into bed and snuggled with him as we sat in the sacredness of the moment.

I have been reading a book* on the erosion of the ability to focus or think deeply.  The pace of the world and the role of technology over time is hurting our ability to rest and be present in the world around us. In our haste to keep up with life, we lose out on moments to be present and see beauty in the simple things.

This Sunday our children and youth will be in worship and we will experience Communion together.

Worship is an opportunity to resist the “noise” of our busy life and simply rest. It is the children and youth that may be the first ones to point us toward wonder. Amazingly, the organ can produce a sound that you can almost feel in your body. There is wonder in a group of people gathering together to eat and drink deeply of the grace of God. And there is wonder in a child experiencing something for the first time that causes us to pause and revel in the beauty of creation.

It is a blessing to journey with you all in this adventure of wonder and grace.

Pastor Laura

*If I piqued your interest, check out “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again” by Johann Hari. I am about a third of the way through the book, and it is a fascinating read. 

Ash Wednesday at HAUMC on February 14th at 7pm

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February 2024

February 3 Open Yoga

February 4 Streamlined Governance Meeting #1

February 5 Special Book Study with Kevin Nye Q&A, anyone can join in!

February 6 Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer Author Reading

February 6 Common Hope Vision Trip Meeting

February 8 UWF Monthly Circle

February 11 Mardi Gras Festival / Karen Caldwell Artist Talk

February 14 Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins

February 15 Monthly Virtual Book Club

February 17 Streamlined Governance Meeting #2

February 18 Bach Motet in Worship / New Member Class

February 19 Nurturing Faith in Children Book Study Begins

Annual Meeting and Church Conference Recap

We had a full report of the year's membership events and worship attendance numbers, which also included our digital community. We heard ministry team reports from: The Dignity Center, The United Women in Faith, Housing, Old School by Steeple People, and Trustees.

We look to the future exciting things from Streamlined governance and the Convergence project (more on those below).

You can find the link to the PDF of the annual report booklet HERE

You can expect this meeting in the future, and we will be making sure we get all the reports we need for the Annual conference also available in the booklet to increase our transparency. Transparency is key to clarity of vision!

Marty Shimko speaks to the congregation about the budget in the Sanctuary.

2024 Budget Passes

After celebrating that it appears that 2023 will close with a balanced budget, the congregation passed a resolution supporting 2024’s ministry needs of $2,955,608. 

These ministries will be funded by those who completed estimates of giving and by taking funds from dedicated accounts, as contributions do not cover all the expenses. We ask everyone to remain faithful in their support of the ministry opportunities which God has placed before us. 

-Marty Shimko

Streamlined Governance Meetings

Feb 4 at 11:15am

and/ or Feb 17 at 10am

In The Sanctuary

Lay Leaders have been looking at a streamlined governance idea for our great church and we want your thoughts.

Please gather with us in the Sanctuary at 11:15 on Sunday, February 4, and again on Saturday, February 17 at 10 a.m. (with donuts and coffee!). You are encouraged to attend and discuss this exciting approach. The presentations will be the same on both days.

If you have questions in advance, please contact Marla Tipping (Connections) at

Convergence Letter and Survey available now!

On Jan 28th we heard from Bill Tipping where he briefly outlined the Convergence Project, and I quote, "I'm excited, and I rarely get excited." For those who know Bill, that is probably an understatement!

On January 30 we sent out letters to our congregation explaining the project.

**If you do not receive this letter in the coming weeks but would like to be included on our members and constituents list, please contact or so that they can update your membership information.

You can also find a PDF letter HERE

You can find a link to the survey HERE

We ask that each member of your household (teens included) take the survey for themselves. We want to hear each person’s unique perspective.  

If you have multiple survey takers in your household, please close your browser window after one person takes the survey, and open an incognito or in-private window for the next person. This will avoid getting a message that the survey has already been completed.

For those who may be uncomfortable with online surveys, we have printed versions available at reception. You can also reach out to them at to request a paper version be mailed to you.

Sign Up Now to Showcase Your Gifts!

Mardi Gras Festival Variety Show!

February 11 | 11:45am | Koinonia Hall

Sign up HERE to perform for the HAUMC Mardi Gras Festival Variety Show!

Share your gift or passion with us at the Mardi Gras Variety Show! The show will begin at 11:45am in Koinonia Hall as brunch is wrapping up. Sign up using the link above and Sally Messner will contact you about your performance. This show is open to all kinds of gifts—singing, magic tricks, ventriloquy, playing an instrument, soliloquy, you name it!

Any questions? Contact Sally at

Mardi Gras Sunday at Hennepin

February 11 | 10am-1pm

On February 11 we will be celebrating Mardi Gras! After a special worship, you can float in and out of the special Carnival-themed events.


10am Join us in worship for Jazz in service with the ANCIA Saxophone Quartet, a special baptism, and music from the Zodiac Suite.

11:00am Brunch begins

11:15am Hear from artist Karen Caldwell, who mines the rich history and visuals from Bardados' Carnival and mask tropes (among other things)

11:45am Variety show begins (while you enjoy your brunch)

Sermon Series: Active Faith 1/14-2/11

At Hennepin Avenue UMC, our vision is to grow deeper in our love of God and neighbor, to welcome all people, and to heal a broken world. This week we begin the new Sermon Series called Active Faith to explore more fully what this means as we show up. in faith, in this world, now.

How do we put faith into practice in a changing world? By discovering and rediscovering together what that means.

We invite you to come back, to talk with us about life, share your questions, and find community. We’d love to listen and get to know you better.

(Artwork Courtesy of Ingrid Bloom)

This Sunday:

Worship at 10am

Isaiah 40:21-31, Mark 1:29-39

This Sunday's Message

Active Faith: Prayer and Proclamation

Pastor Laura Hannah


Grace Can Lead Us Home: A Christian Call to End Homelessness

Q & A with Author Kevin Nye and Pastor Laura Hannah

February 5 | 7-8pm | On Zoom

For the February 5th gathering, Kevin Nye will join participants to discuss the book and do Q&A! Anyone is welcome to join the Zoom link below for this session to hear from the author himself.

Pastor Laura leads a five-week book study of Kevin Nye's book Grace Can Lead Us Home: A Christian Call to End Homelessness. The book study will take place entirely on Zoom on Mondays from 7-8pm.

"This thorough and intimate book shows us that from the margins, Jesus has something to teach us all about grace--something that could change the landscape of homelessness entirely if we're ready to hear it."

You can join the Zoom link HERE for the Q&A session on Monday night.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer Author Talk

Jesus Against Christianity

February 6 | 10am | Harrison Room

Nelson-Pallmeyer will share his insight concerning Jesus as the personification of non-violence and the Christian Church’s failure to embrace this core ethic.

A retired professor of Peace and Justice at St. Thomas and published in many books and articles, Nelson-Pallmeyer has long been an activist as well as a theologian.

Now on View

Karen Caldwell: Fragments

Carlson Hall, Jan 11-April 8

Artist Talk with Karen Caldwell

February 11 at 11:15 am

Longfellow Room and Carlson Hall

The Fine Arts team is so pleased to present Karen Caldwell, Fragments; a diverse body of new work produced over the last year by local artist Karen Caldwell.

Karen Caldwell is a British-born, Barbadian artist who now calls the Twin Cities home and has her studio in the Northrup King building in North East Minneapolis.

She offers a unique dimension through her artwork, infusing it with an intimate and empathetic portrayal of the experiences and stories, the fragments that make the whole, and the pieces we carry or discard along the way.

Common Hope Vision Trip Informational Meeting

February 6 | 7pm | On Zoom

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey that combines exploration, connection, and meaningful impact?

We're thrilled to invite you to join Common Hope's Vision Trip in July (14-20), an incredible opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative work happening in Guatemala.

Common Hope's Vision Team Experience is more than just a trip – it's an immersive and eye-opening adventure that allows you to connect with communities in Guatemala, experience their vibrant culture, and contribute to positive change. Through this journey, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges families face and the powerful impact of education, healthcare, and housing initiatives. For more details, click here.

We anticipate taking an intergenerational team, so this trip is open to people ages 12 and up.

If you want to learn more, please come to the information session on February 6th at 7 pm (via Zoom).

This session will provide a platform to ask questions, connect with past participants, and discover how you can be part of something meaningful.


United Women in Faith

Monthly Combined Circle

February 8 at 1pm

Longfellow Room and on Zoom

We're having a planning session for the rest of 2024, both for circle events and programs in conjunction with other HAUMC groups.

We also want to recognize Kate Lewis for earning a certificate for completing the requirements for Plan II in the 2023 Reading Program. Many books in this program, which is particularly strong on social justice, are available in the HAUMC library.

We believe love in action can change the world.

The United Women in Faith combined circles gather monthly on the second Thursday at 1 pm. Every day, we show up. We take action. We get it done. And we invite you to join us! HAUMC's United Women in Faith combined circle is continuing to offer a hybrid option for our programs in 2023.

Join Zoom Meeting HERE

Meeting ID: 876 1312 6826

Passcode: 555079

Join by phone: +1 651 372 8299

If you are interested to learn more or join the local branch of this national organization click HERE or email: Susanne Mattison at and Laura Dirks at

Scroll to the bottom of your email and click the link titled "VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE" to see the whole newsletter

Faith Development

Join the monthly virtual book club every third Thursday for a year of reading banned books.

Monthly Virtual Book Club

Febuary 15 | 7pm | On Zoom

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Starting in February, The Monthly Virtual Book Club is kicking off 2024 with a year of reading Banned Books.

Fittingly for Black History Month, they will begin with reading Toni Morrison's groundbreaking novel, The Bluest Eye.

Toni Morrison’s acclaimed first novel, published in 1970, follows Pecola Breedlove—an 11-year-old Black girl living in an America whose love for its blond, blue-eyed children has a devastating effect on those who do not conform to narrow and artificial standards.

She prays for her eyes to turn blue: so that she will be beautiful, so that people will look at her, so that her world will be different. This is the story of the nightmare at the heart of her yearning, and the tragedy of its fulfillment.

A National Bestseller and a Parade Best Book of All Time. From the acclaimed Nobel Prize winner—a powerful examination of our obsession with beauty and conformity that asks difficult questions about race, class, and gender with the author's characteristic subtly and grace.

If you enjoy reading, please join the Hennepin Avenue UMC community for an hour-long discussion via Zoom about this book!

The books can be read online through local libraries or inexpensive websites like

Join the Zoom Meeting HERE

Meeting ID: 898 0983 7941

Passcode: 496102

Email Jane Mylrea if you are interested to get on the mailing list! (

Nurturing Faith in Children

Book Study with Pastor Laura Hannah

Mondays from 7-8pm

February 19-March 18


"In this inspiring parenting book, learn how to create space for your children to get to know God in a way that focuses on trust instead of a list of rigid rules."

Join Pastor Laura for a five-week book study on Meredith Miller's book Woven: Nurturing a Faith Your Kid Doesn't Have to Heal From. Together we will read the book and gather to discuss the themes and build community around the effort of nurturing faith in children.

The first ten registrants will receive either a physical or e-copy of the book! After that, registrants will be responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book.

Click HERE to Purchase a Book 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 893 1652 7140

Passcode: 606980

Poetry, Prayers, and Practice: Wednesday Facebook Live Hosted by Hennepin Ave UMC Clergy

Wednesday 5pm on Facebook Live!

This week we hear from Pastor Elizabeth Macaulay.

You can see the video from last night on Facebook right HERE.

You can access the full playlist, at any time, on YouTube!

Grief Support Group with Roger Lynn

February 1, 15, and 29 at 3pm

Harrison Room and on Zoom

The death of a loved one, whether it be a spouse, a child, a sibling, or a close friend, can be the source of great pain or depression.

All are welcome whether the loss is recent or in the past. If the burden still weighs you down, come, and together we can find understanding as we share stories and comfort to lighten the load.

The group will be led by Rev. Roger Lynn. Please call him at the church (612)-871-5303, ext 190, if you are interested in participating or if you have questions. People may attend in person or on Zoom.

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 865 7514 4930

Passcode: 152997

Friday Morning Men's Bible Class

Every Friday from 7:30-8:30am

Longfellow Room / Zoom

As we follow a book that leads us through the Bible, we have interesting conversations about what these passages of scripture mean to us. It is one of the few venues you can find where conservatives and liberals share their thoughts and spiritual insights and listen respectfully to one another. By honestly sharing our thoughts and spiritual experiences, we expand our own understandings as well as gain insight into the rich variety of experiences in other men's spiritual journeys.

Every Friday morning there is stimulating conversation, good coffee, and delicious pastries.

All are welcome. Contact Phil Graczyk, (612)-435-1331 or for the Zoom link.

Hope for Creation in a Climate-Changed World is canceled for this week January 28th

Winter Series: What are we to believe?

Resumes February 4th at 11:30am

Art Gallery and Zoom

All are welcome to attend as often or as little as you're able. No prior knowledge is needed. You can follow along with the material or just drop in.

You can sign up for the HFC newsletter HERE to receive the Zoom link, updates, and materials.

Check out the EVENTS page for more information about the upcoming sessions!

Thursday Morning Bible Study Resumes!

Thursdays | 11am

Longfellow Room and Zoom

Thursday morning Bible Study class has begun their winter study The Parables of Paul by J. Ellsworth Kalas.

In this six-week study, class members will discover the apostle Paul's compelling way of sharing Jesus' message with others through the use of the metaphor which makes things clear by giving us a picture. Paul's letters are full of these word pictures. From casting himself in the role of a slave, to presenting the Christian as a soldier or an actor, even showing how we are vessels in the King’s house, Paul's gallery of enriching, life-changing story pictures help us visualize the Christian life so that we may live our faith more fully.

Mary Mensheha and Juanita Reed-Boniface will facilitate the weekly sessions, at 11am in the Longfellow Room. Join us in person or on Zoom.

CLICK HERE to join the Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 864 1531 0144

Passcode: 437485

Dial manually

+1 929 205 6099 US

A Winter's Journey into Spring

Disciple I Bible Study with Bill Tipping

Monday Nights, 7-8:15pm

Nov 20-May 6 on Zoom

24-week class to be taught on Zoom on Monday nights from 7-8:15, starting November 20 and ending the week of May 6.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 984 9098 0500

Passcode: 264355

Join by phone: 312 626 6799


11:30am after worship

Harrison Room or Dossal Alcove

Look for room changes as new options are explored.

Reflection is an opportunity to set aside some time for deepening personal faith and to learn about the faith experiences of others. What started as an experiment initiated by George Rodgers Adams ("Rodge") in June has become a wonderful new way to explore faith at HAUMC!

Each week we will pose a question for an informal, open-forum discussion. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. No former knowledge is needed, just bring your curiosity and an inquiring mind.

Anyone is welcome to join at any time. No former knowledge is needed, just bring your curiosity and an inquiring mind.

This Sunday's question is: "How do you react to the possibility that your current faith might change?”

Look out for signs as the group tries out other locations. If you have any questions you can ask reception on Sunday mornings or email Rodge Adams at for more information.

It is a standing gathering so feel free to drop by any Sunday as your schedule allows.

Daily Prayer Fellowship: Coffee Time

8–8:30am Monday–Friday Mornings


Morning Coffee is a chance to check in, engage in a lively discussion about a short scripture passage or topic, and then pray our way into the day. All are welcome!

Join Zoom Meeting by Video Here or

Join by phone

‪Dial: 312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 842 8341 6140

Passcode: 975868

Daily Prayer Fellowship: Closings

8–8:30pm Mon, Tues, & Thurs Evenings


Are you looking for a warm way to end your day? Drop into Closings and share a conversation with friends. This open, lay-led group is a place for conversation, connection, and community.

Join Zoom Meeting by Video Here


Join by phone

‪Dial: 312-626-6799

Meeting ID: 892 5043 5902

Passcode: 113680


You can watch last week's worship in full HERE.

You can get a PDF of the sermon HERE to print or read for yourself.

We're Hiring!

Part-time Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

If you are someone you know is interested in this position, please reach out to!

Principal Focus: The main objective of this position is to make members and visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. The secondary focus is to support clergy and staff with administrative projects and tasks.

Regular Duties:

  • Greet guests, answer phones, open doors, and provide directions
  • Coordinate room reservations, direct attendees to the correct room, and work with the facilities team as needed.
  • Complete various projects using email, Excel, Word, Realm, and other software tools
  • Complete various projects using copier/scanner/printer/fax, mail machine, and other office equipment

Occasional Duties:

  • Replenish children’s worship bags
  • Process incoming and outgoing mail/deliveries
  • Work with volunteers
  • Replenish kiosk and supplies

Skills and Requirements:

  • Understand and support radical hospitality
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to use or learn to use Word, Excel, Realm, Gmail, Google Docs, and other technical tools
  • Ability to use or learn to use copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, mail machines, and other
  • office equipment as needed
  • Ability to problem-solve


  • Evenings & weekends

Open Yoga with Leslie Ball!

Saturdays | 11am | Church of Youth

Please arrive between 10:45-10:55am

Years ago we offered regular in-person yoga classes at HAUMC until the pandemic moved us to an online format.

After receiving many requests, we are so thrilled to say we can resume Saturday morning Yoga Practice!

Class information:

  • Our students range from teenagers to 90 years old. You do NOT need any prior experience; we welcome newcomers!
  • We start at 11am, so please arrive between 10:45-10:55.
  • We wrap up a little after noon.
  • Bring your own mat, or borrow one of our gently used mats for class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. (No need for yoga fashion; many of us wear sweatpants, scrubs, even pajamas... whatever works.)
  • Your first class is free of charge, and subsequent classes ask for a free-will donation.

For those who don't know Leslie:

For twelve years I’ve been leading Open Yoga, a restorative yoga program incorporating spirituality and recovery into a holistic practice. Open Yoga is an outgrowth of my training at United Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity), and at New York University (Master of Fine Arts), along with my decades of grateful recovery in the 12-step community. I remain forever thankful for my most immediate teachers: the students in our Open Yoga classes.

Any questions? I’d love to hear from you; please email me at

Director of Family Ministry Update

Two weeks ago, a group consisting of clergy, staff, parents, volunteers, and representatives from the Staff Parish Relations Committee interviewed candidates for the Director of Family Ministry role. After a lot of good conversation and discernment about the program's needs and the candidates' skills and gifts, the team decided to not go forward with any of the finalists.

The plan is to repost the position and do further networking to exhaust other avenues that may yield qualified candidates.

In the interim Kelsey Johnson and Ryan Hackey have stepped up to provide more volunteer support on Sunday mornings for Sunday School. I am so thankful for the depth of leadership and passion for the faith formation of our children, and I want to thank all the Sunday School volunteers who are stepping up in this season of transition.

The Confirmation Program in the interim will continue to be shepherded by me. I am thankful for the added support from Jan and Ariel from Good Samaritan UMC and Lake Harriet UMC as we finish up the program year. The Confirmands are planning a service project, and please be on the lookout for ways to support their project in March and April.

While this season of being in transition continues, I look to all the adults in this church to continue to pray and give their time to support this program.

One thing we are looking for in the next Family Ministry Director is someone who can mobilize people to make this program successful. If you have a good idea for an event or offering for either children or youth, please reach out to me. I would love to discuss the idea and if it is in alignment with the program and how I can support you in forming a team to make your idea a reality.

Pastor Laura Hannah

An Update on Choir Attire

A team of choir members, friends invested in music ministry, and staff have begun considering future choir attire. The current robes consisting of a teal cassock and white cotta (or surplice) are several decades old and wearing out. The team is meeting to have honest and open conversations about Hennepin's culture and liturgical tradition, the choir’s expression and role in worship, as well as accessibility, inclusivity, and mobility. We are also doing research into various attire options, including cost, and considering the approaches of sister congregations.

With the choir’s input, we hope to make a decision to have the new attire in place in the fall. We invite you to pray for the choir attire team as we seek to serve Hennepin’s music ministry faithfully: Liz Buckingham, Glenna Dibrell, Irene Imai, Sally Messner, Chris Meyer, Joanna Paetznick, Krista Riedel, Mike Schmidt, and Phyllis Waggoner.

For the rest of the winter and the spring, the choir will wear the current robes on many Sundays. Sometimes we will wear black, particularly when leading alongside guest musicians, or wear something else to lift up the theme of the service. For one Sunday each in March, April, and May, we will not have a “uniform” as we invite others to join us for a community sing—a pick-up choir like the one that sings on summer Sundays. Watch for a future Hennepin Happenings article on how to come and sing with us!

Sally Messner, Director of Worship and Music

There will be no brunch on January 28th. Instead, there will be a Pie Fest following the Church Conference.

Memorial Flowers

Sign-ups available

Remembering the beloveds that came before us is one of the precious gifts of being in a beloved community together. If you would like to donate sanctuary flowers in memory of or in honor of a loved one or in honor of a special event, we have created a new process to do this. Click the link below and fill out the information for your desired date.

If you are unable to sign-up digitally, you may also ask for a form at the reception desk.

Sign-up HERE

Sewing Supplies Needed!

For Students in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone

Collected by Knotty Quilters

Calling all who sew! Do you have sewing items you no longer use? Basic items and fabrics that would be useful to students in the new home economics lab in the Ormsby Secondary School in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. (Cotton or cotton blend fabrics, especially pieces large enough to make a dress; thread; scissors; tape measures; packages of needles; boxes of pins; other….)

Throughout January and February, Knotty Quilters will gather these supplies and ready them for transport with travelers to Baiwalla in March.

Please leave your donations, labeled for the Baiwalla home ec lab, at the reception desk, or bring them to Knotty Quilters on a Wednesday morning between 10:00 and 12:00.

Questions? Contact Janelle Vaubel, (651)-698-1344 or

Old School by Steeple People (OSSP)

Store hours: Wednesday through Sunday 11am-6pm

Are you looking for a great way to freshen up your wardrobe AND support a good cause?

Stop by OSSP and check out some of the amazing outfits you can put together!

Donations are accepted 11am–4pm and by appointment

  • Must be in bags or closed boxes and labeled “clothes”, “books”, or “hard goods”
  • If donating clothing: clean and in-season only, please
  • Maximum 3 bags/ boxes as we have limited storage
  • No electronics, please

Have you seen OSSP Must Haves with Morgan and Tammi? What a fun duo and what a great partnership this continues to be for us!

If you haven't seen them already in the store displays, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram to see their trendy and thrifty looks for fall! And of course it is all for good causes and community!

Best of Minneapolis Award in the Thrift Store 2022

Sustainable Jungle 2022

#1 in “Gettin’ Twin Cities Thrifty“ 2022

City Pages “Best Thrift Store” 2019

Old School by Steeple People, a 501c3 nonprofit, serves the community by selling donated quality used clothing and household goods at affordable prices and donating profits to worthy charitable causes.


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