USMS Weekend Notes 
This year, USMS is celebrating, although quietly, its 50th Anniversary.  I'm sure they would love to hear the impact that this organization has made in your life.
50 Years of
U.S. Masters Swimming
All Coming into Focus in 20/20

Thank you for everyone that sent along a note about how swimming has been such a big part of your lives.  It was very cool to read, and I feel very grateful, for all the extremely kind words that were sent along.
The picture is our team from five years ago when we were the host for the 2015 USMS SCY Nationals in San Antonio, where we finished in 2nd Place!!
Bucket Brigade
Send me a video (via a newsletter reply, email, or text) to complete the following video challenge.  Show us your streamline entry back into the water, as well as helping a teammate do the same.  (No sound needed, as we'll clear that)
I need LOTS of videos back to me by April 30th and then I'll string them together for a team video.         My example:
20200428134853 Trim
20200428134853 Trim
Stretch Cord Video
We posted an informative stretch cord video last week, but several swimmers noted that they do not have Facebook accounts, so here is a re-posting for you.
MOST Stretch Cords Instruction
MOST Stretch Cords Instruction
Backyard Training 

Another example of fun you could be doing while waiting for the pools to re-open.
Stretch Cord 8
Butterfly Concepts
Motivational Moments