The San Antonio JCC is now Open!

The pool is only available for members of the JCC, no guests at this time; although anyone can join.  It is a very reasonable cost per month vs. typical gym fees.
I have worked hard to get the JCC pool open while working with the facility as we follow recommended guidelines from  San  Antonio, Texas, and the US.

We have created a video on procedures for swimming at the JCC.  
Welcome Back!

You may register for 2 slots within the upcoming week.  Reservations inside our Masters block (Mon-Fri from 5:30 am - 9:10 am) go to Sign-up Genius We will be offering sign-ups starting each Saturday at 9:00 am.

When registering to swim as a JCC Masters participant and/or lap swimmer, you can go directly here.  Their policy for registration opens up at midnight the day prior to the day you wish to swim.   As an example - 12:00 am on Thursday morning opens up slots for Friday swim.

Workouts will be posted at the end of each lane, with the coach remaining on the side of the pool for instruction.  Our outdoor shower is available to rinse off, since there are no locker rooms open at this time.  The facility and the pool area are extremely safe and we want you to be able to feel secure while swimming.  Please reach out to us with any questions on how we are conducting our program during this 1st phase back into the water.
Starting a Dialog with Facilities

The attached document may be used by coaches to have informative discussion with aquatic facilities.  Most athletic facilities must make decisions based on general data or what is being given to them from local and regional health information avenues.  As coaches you can be proactive in providing solid discussions in paving the way to opening your area pools.  Be an active part of the recovery vs. just waiting for things to happen.
Returning to the Water

We are including thoughts for swimmers to consider in their training now and as they are allowed to return to the water.  
Review this and write down take-aways that apply to you and your current/future training plans.

We wish for everyone to stay healthy and safe. 
Submissions for our Limerick Poem Challenge:

Backyard Swimming at home 'til the fall
Tired arms like a Raggedy Ann doll
The cord is too tight
And try as I might
I can't seem to get to the wall
-Susan Ingraham

I despise not having a pool
Every day is endlessly cruel
My gills have dried up
My temper will erupt
If the city prolongs this dumb rule
- Erica Kao  

Knee is all healed and want to swim
But Amazon cord hasn't come in
So I procrastinate
While I sit and wait
And wonder where the driver has been!
Training was always so cool
To swim back and forth in the pool
Now that I can rest
Perhaps it's for the best
But I feel dried up and a fool
Motivational Moments: