Good Habits and Regular Routines

Everyone has had disruption in their lives recently.  Some have lost their jobs, or had to adjust daily schedules because of work and children.  No more simply running quickly in and out of the store. 
There is the constant worry of cleanliness, 
staying clear of strangers, and missing our friends.
Every place you normally went to for  exercise and stress relief is not available. 
Sometimes, we feel lost in time or begin to become less motivated.  

Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day.  
Write out your new schedule for the week.  Put in "blocks" of time to exercise each day.
(Walk - Sit-ups - Stretch - Yardwork - Zoom Class - TV Yoga - Swim in Backyard - Stairs)
Know when, and what, you are going to eat. 
Don't just throw something together when you start to get hungry.  No grazing.
Write out your plan for the day on what you want to get done.  
Check off the list as you go.  Give yourself a sense of accomplishment!
Read something.  Learn a new skill.  Try a new recipe.

The most important thing to remember is this will not last forever.  Keep up the great things that you're doing.  Make memories with your family.  Stay grounded.  And breathe.
Haiku Inspirations -  Poems with 5-7-5 syllable wording
Thank you to everyone who sent in their work for sharing

Sink or Swim in Life
Your Choice to Rise Above it
Water Calms my Soul
- Susan Ingraham

Water is Your Friend
It Moves in Sync; We all are

One with the Water

- Nina Clarkson

Missed my Interval
I hope Susan Didn't See
Oh, Oh...Susan Saw

Healed From my new Knee
Ready to hit the Water
Water is Shut Down
- Allison Espinosa

The Water is Wet
My Body is Very Dry
I Need to Swim Soon
- Allison LaField

It is a Bummer! 
I'm Riding my Bike Around 
Salado Greenway.
- David Pierce

New Forms of Movement
We Stretch, Run, Flex New Muscles
But Miss the Water

- Cate Cebrowski

Walking - Riding - Sighhhh
Jealous of Those with a Pool
Can't Stand Being Dry

I Languish at Home
Wishing the Pool would Open
Will my Suit still Fit?

Sad Caterpillar
"The World is Over" and Dark
Then Came Butterfly
- Susan Ingraham
Motivational Moments