The San Antonio JCC is now open for Swimming

The pool is only available for JCC members, so unfortunately no guests at this time, although anyone can join.  Membership is set at a very reasonable cost per month vs. typical monthly gym fees.
We have created a video on procedures for swimming at the JCC.  
Welcome Back!

For the week of May 25th:  Monday is Memorial Day and we will not have a Masters block set aside for our club.  Please use the JCC registration page to reserve a time slot.  Friday is the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot.  The the JCC will be closing at 6:00 pm on Thursday and be closed all Friday.
Reservations inside our Masters block for Tue-Wed-Thu (5:30-9:10 am) can be made thru  Sign-up Genius We will be offering sign-ups starting Saturday at 9:00 am.  I can't block early sign-ups, BUT I can delete them.  If you sign up for a slot, prior to 9:00 am, those are timed stamped and I will delete them!

When registering to swim on the facility website as a JCC Masters participant and/or lap swimmer, go directly here.  Their policy for registration opens up at midnight the day prior to the day you wish to swim.  
As an example - 12:00 am on Sunday morning opens up slots for Monday swim.  You may not sign up for a Masters time slot AND a JCC time slot on the same day.   Please be respectful in allowing as many as possible teammates and friends to sign-up to swim on any given day.
Returning to the Water

We are including thoughts for swimmers to consider in their training now and as they are allowed to return to the water.  
Review this and consider take-aways that apply to you and your current/future training plans.

We wish for everyone to stay healthy and safe. 
Motivational Moments: