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A Few Reminders from The Street Department:
Keep Vehicles Away from Construction Sites:
The City of Garland Street Department will put a notice on the vehicle with a visible tag if it interferes with a construction area.
Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. This also will be stated in the hand-delivered letter sent to the resident in the weeks leading up to the repair.

Be Aware of Street Signs:
The Street Department works year round to ensure road safety for our residents. However, during the summer we pick up the pace and cover a lot more ground!
Upon the completion of your street or alley repair or reconstruction, you may still see caution tape or barricaded areas.
Despite the project appearing to be complete, some areas of concrete may require additional cure time and are not able to support vehicular traffic until all barricades and other cautionary materials are removed.

Hand-Water Lawns Only:
It is vital not to use your sprinkler system if the City of Garland Street Department is overlaying, repairing or reconstructing your street. Water in the construction area will delay the progress of the overall repair. Please turn off your sprinklers for the duration of the project.
Projects Currently Under Construction:
Broadway Boulevard
First Street to Merrimac Trail
Concrete Slab Replacement

Burning Tree Lane/Hillsdale Lane Alley
Goodwin Street to McCallum Drive
Concrete Slab Replacement

Freemont Drive
Miller Road to Southwood Drive
Street Reconstruction

Miller Road
First Street to Glenbrook Drive
Pavement Leveling and Concrete Slab Replacement
Lariat Lane
Jupiter Road to McCallum Drive
Concrete Slab Replacement

Princeton Drive Alley
Plano Road to Purdue Drive
Alley Reconstruction

Potomac Drive
Buckingham Road to West End
Concrete Slab Replacement

Valley Mills Drive
Grinnell Drive to La Prada Drive
Street Reconstruction
Projects Scheduled to Begin in July/August:
Burning Tree Lane/O’Henry Drive Alley
Concrete Slab Replacement

Centennial Drive
Concrete Slab Replacement

Deepwood Drive
Street Reconstruction

Green Valley Drive
Street Reconstruction
Goodwin Street
Concrete Slab Replacement

Mary Jane Lane
Street Reconstruction

Ripplewood Drive/Robin Hill Lane Alley
Concrete Slab Replacement

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